Epson International Pano Awards

Recently I entered my first ever competition. I was reluctant at first but after being pushed by folks close to me I gave in and submitted 3 images. Firstly I had no real idea what to enter, as I have only ever seen those awards appa held in Melbourne each year. From seeing those winners it seems like a whole other world of photography to me, something way beyond my capabilities with the artistic approach of the winning entries I have seen.

In the end after learning my results and in what context they are in I am quite happy with the overall experience. I think I have a little more insight now in what could be entered in future if that was to happen … For now though I am glad I experienced my first ever competition …

Below are the 3 images I submitted and the results of each …

1 Silver 2 Bronze … Placed 6th and 9th overall in the two categories I entered. I was told over 900 photographers and 2700 images had been entered worldwide.

Shame my Black & White image of San Francisco missed out on a Silver by 1 point, that is my favorite image of the bunch …

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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23 Responses to Epson International Pano Awards

  1. truenorthmark says:

    Well done Neal…all very worthy images and congrads on teh awards mate!

  2. Cheers Mark … I just flicked over to your blog see’s you did quite well yourself … I guess CF should be very proud, he has taught us all well …

  3. truenorthmark says:

    Indeed mate..yep I did OK but not as good as you! Looks like I have a bit of work to do for next time!

    Not that I am competitive at all! 🙂

    But yes, I am sure the man is very proud of his prodigies!

  4. Congrats and very richly deserved! Your panos are way up there with the best Neal, that San Fran bw pano should have received gold as it is truly awesome.

  5. It is all subjective in the end Mark … Must be a hard job being a judge sorting through hundreds maybe thousands of entries trying to place them all. Competition is always between the last image I have taken and the next one I will take …

  6. truenorthmark says:

    I totally agree with that comment Neal!

  7. Cheers Flem … Yeah it is one of my 3 all time favorites of mine … it’s a sure fire gold encrusted diamond to me … LOL

  8. Andrew Brown says:

    Well done Neal, never entered one myself but if those images are silver and bronze then I think that I won’t bother. I would have had the top as gold with the other two silver. A tighter crop maybe on the bottom image and maybe a slight horizon straightening? would have brought it up to gold for me. All are magnificent though and you should be proud

  9. Will Ophuis says:

    yep love the San Fran shot easy gold right there! cant imagine what you would have to take to get a gold haha!

  10. Placed 6th and 9th overall. I was told over 900 photographers worldwide and 2700 images had been entered.

    Cheers Andrew … I have a tighter crop version, but I have sold a couple of this print already and can not add another image that is very similar to this one …. I kinda rushed this one out at the time as I loved the image myself …

    Cheers William … I could say the same for your stirling ranges entry, that ones killer and was the first time I saw it quite a ways back and would of thought easy Silver or Gold … Like I said to Mark, it all very subjective …

  11. congrats Neal. nice work on all of the images but I especially love the Golden Gate image.
    that is just so god damn nice in so many ways.

    and yeah- i’m gona echo everyone else and say if that can’t get gold then what does!
    the layered hills image has grown on me even more since the first time you posted it too. 🙂

  12. kirkhille says:

    Congrats mate there stunning images . Love the one of San Fran

  13. Charlene says:

    Congrats again Neal. Love all 3 of them but that black and white one caught my attention especially. It’s a unique view of San Francisco. And your b&w conversion is lovely, as always.

  14. Thanks Stephen … There was no gold awarded so I guess only the judges would know …

    Cheers Kirk …

    Thanks Charlene … Yeah the black and white is my favorite as well … Thank you for you kind words on my black & white images … I spend a lot of time researching some of the masters in that field …

  15. davidbettini says:

    Yea well done Neil! All fantastic shots. I can remember when you first blogged your Golden Gate Bridge. It was awesome then and you should be proud that the judges agreed!
    BTW were you at Mike Fletchers seminar on the weekend? I think you left early. I wanted to say G’day. Next time eh?

  16. Cheers Dave … Yep I was there, I had to leave at 1.15 as I had a 2pm appointment and Mike was running a little long on time … Next time for sure …

    Cheers Neal

  17. Tony Middleton says:

    Well done Neal – those two SF images are deadset crackers and deserving medalists and images to be really proud of.
    tone 🙂

  18. Bryceworld says:

    Hey Neil,
    An enormous reward for your first ever entries! Congrats, nice work mate. While the B&W carries your faultless style I actually prefer the colour images myself 🙂
    I hope you get some gold on your next comp!

  19. Cheers Bryce for those kind words …. And thanks for stopping by and commenting … cheers Neal

  20. Joel says:

    Great images and a good result Neal. I know when I take my pano’s I strive for them to be at your level. I’m not there yet and no I’m not taking the piss.

    Had a look at the other entries and many don’t seem to be stitched images. I can imagine many of those images wouldn’t be possible with a stitched photograph. Maybe I’m just not at that level yet. I guess I relate Pano photo’s to stitched or shot with a special panoramic camera. Maybe that idea is false.

    Most of your pano images are stitched yes?

    Keep up the great quality work Neal. Don’t let others effect your confidence too much.

    All the best Neal,


    • Cheers Joel for those kind words … Yeah I have the same thoughts as you with regard to some of the entries, I was thinking most whre single images and not even in the pano format I would of thought was 3:1 … all my panos are stitched images … Cropping a single image just does not cut it in todays market and is the lazy way out … Unless you have a shitload of mega pixels like 60 …

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