Karijini National Park slash Yosemite National Park

Well I was sorting through files doing a little editing and adding a few new images to the website. I got side tracked and ended up with these two images … Yes I did manage to get 3 new images up on www.spoolphotography.com that have been lying around here ready to upload for ages, but I still have 3 more to go … Ok back to work and enough play time …

Hope you enjoy the two images, 1 from Karijini National Park ( Thanks Tony Hewitt those 6 inches to the right made all the difference) and 1 from Yosemite National Park …. I know wheres the colour … I swear tomorrow or at least by the end of the weekend I’ll have a couple of Karijini colour images up on the blog since they have been sitting here for a few weeks now, ones kinda nice to look at on these cold dreary days of June … How long till summer ? I gotta go shit its 3 already ….

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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8 Responses to Karijini National Park slash Yosemite National Park

  1. Tony Middleton says:

    Fantastic pair of images Neal, very contrasting and equally beautiful.

  2. Yosemite shot is fantastic, Yomesite images work so well in black and white.

    I love the cloud in the Karijni shot and one can seldom go wrong with a solitary tree (well this one has mates, but there’s still only one tree as the subject). But I miss the colours here, the light is too flat I feel for black and white to work.

  3. no colour, no comment for you!!
    oh shite…. well while i’m here… 😛

    love the Yosemite image. top framing with the tree’s.
    the tree image is nice, doesn’t jump at me as much. but I guess the other image does take my imediate attention 🙂

  4. Luke Austin says:

    Both stunning images Neal

  5. kirkhille says:

    nice mate wish I was back over there in Yosemite

  6. Dylan Fox says:

    both very nice shots mate!

  7. Cheers Tony

    Cheers Flem … I think …

    Thanks Stephen .. Colour images coming soon …

    Not at present or for the next few months Kirk … Too many tourists and it will start to dry up over the next few months ….

  8. Kirk Hille says:

    yeah I noticed on the weekends its insanely busy cant get a park any where . Hate to see it on the holidays

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