Fern Pool Karijini National Park Print

Second image from Karijini National Park is a colour panoramic of Fern Pool. Taken on my second visit to this location when there was not so many folks around as there was the day before, in fact I think Phil Clint and myself were the only ones there that morning to our surprise. On the hike out though the crowds where making there way down the trail for cool swim …

Karijini National Park for those that are now aware is centered in the Hamersley Ranges in the outback region of Western Australia known as the Pilbara, north-west around 1400km’s from the Capital of Western Australia, Perth. Around a 15-16hour drive. Just north of the Tropic of Capricorn is was once called the “Hamersley National Park”

Best viewed larger by clicking on the thumbnail view below …

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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32 Responses to Fern Pool Karijini National Park Print

  1. Clint Baker says:

    Great shots mate!!!….. man i need a 200mm lens haha…
    Nice work!!

  2. Cheers Clint … Yes you do … Damn you quick I just pressed post on this post …

  3. That’s a good one of Fern Pool. Hard spot to get a good shot off, I have seen so many variations, my own is very wide HDR.

    Perhaps the greens are a tad shiny for my taste and that darn tree on the left side gets a bit in the way of the lines of the shot…but what can we do, gotta take what there is πŸ™‚ Good one Neal.

  4. One day i’ll take the perfect shot for you Flem …

  5. Hehehe, sorry, I just like to play art critic πŸ™‚ Think me and Merv should setup a business, Reviewing Services inc.

  6. you know what they say about art and music critics … They failed at their chosen passion/job thus became critics … Just look at the clowns running the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, the editors of Rolling Stone Mag etc …

  7. kirkhille says:

    Very Nice Neal ,
    Looks like a great spot
    Stitch with the 70 – 200mm ?

  8. True North Mark says:

    Very nice Neal…quality as usual!

  9. mattinman says:

    Swish, Neil, swish! A really nice image. Sweet!

  10. Luke Austin says:

    Lookin good. Nice n punchy

  11. Neal, just be grateful you got Flem commenting on a waterfall image! haha. that alone is worth about 100 comments πŸ˜› and i’m sure you’d prefer him doing that then just doing a “nice shot, have you checked out my latest post?” comment πŸ™‚

    and….. now for me….
    it’s got colour, so I’ve gota comment after nagging you for a while to post colour. lol.
    i love it hey, awesome colours. as Luke said it’s real punchy.
    i think early morning is the only time you can get this place empty, so you did well to get there early and get the shot. it’s a beautiful spot and you did it justice.

    • Cheers Stephen … I was thinking of you when I posted the color image πŸ™‚ … Glad you you like it … I think a late afternoon shoot would be nice there as well as the the colors of the trees would get flashes of gold and maybe even the pond … You just have to scam it with no one around, that could be a bit hard to do, unless you shouted crock or something to get everyone out of the water, but then you’d have bigger problems, angry tourists LOL

      • I wonder if a few chocito’s thrown in there would have the same effect as in a swimming pool?? πŸ˜‰ haha.

        I went there in the arvo one day and there were about 50 backpackers there, literally everywhere. I got stuck talking to a chick I met a few nights earlier in Exmouth and then was outa there as soon as I could haha. Didn’t even bother trying, or waiting for them to leave.
        I reckon if it could be pulled off it’d be a unique image though as I don’t think many people have one like it.

  12. Ric says:

    I disagree with Flem – I think the image would have been weaker if it were not for the tree as I think the tree helps balance the visual weight nicely with the twin waterfalls. In my opinion I cannot fault this image – absolutely splendid colours through out. Just wish I could find out the secrets behind getting images to look this good for the web… Despite applying the same techniques that others have shared with me, I still cannot get my web images looking any good and I am so disappointed with them… They look to soft and blurry and like the punch has been sucked out of them. Anyway enough about my problems…

    Keep up the great work Neal!

  13. This photo inspire to make artificial lake in your landscape. Thanks

  14. MatthewSaul says:

    stunning as always neal!. you always get such good clarity in your shots..

  15. Thanks Matthew … I think the clarity comes from shooting in natural mode, not pushing the image, using curves and levels more that I used to and trying not to go anywhere near hue and saturation … I see so many nice images destroyed because folks have reached for the saturation slider …

    I also believe shooting in neutral mode records more information than say portrait or landscape or any of the presents within the camera ….

    Sure it looks flat out of the camera but I don’t really care … The old saying for me is, “If the song cant cut it on the acoustic guitar, it ain’t going to cut it when you plug in either period” “Paul Stanley” …

    • MatthewSaul says:

      thanks for the info Neal, appreciate it!.
      I try and stear clear of the hue/saturation adjustment layer is photoshop as I only ever hear people say bad things about it.
      This being the case, what are your typical ways of boosting colour saturation/ colour punch, do you ever work in lab mode? or use the DCam 3 chroma variant colour spaces for example?
      Cheers, Matt

  16. I don’t work in lab mode these days, I used to a few years back though. Now I primary use levels and curves … In the end everything in PS is a variant levels and curves … I use what is called vibrance in color mode only as I do not ant to change the tone when in post production. I do use color balance a little, which again is just a variant of levels …

    I attended a Les Walking talk a few months back completely changed the way I take and do post production these days. For him its all about levels and the more I experiment with them the more seems possible with them ….

  17. Pretty stunning falls, matey! Wonderful control over the exposure and love how you framed the image! Definitely in the direction of the next Ansel! πŸ˜‰


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