Ansel Adams print sells for $722K at NYC auction

Wow … Came across this new article today about a photography auction in New York City while reading the daily news this planet has to offer and was stunned that a photograph could be worth over US$700k. I know its Ansel Adams and I would dearly love to have one of his originals one day, but US$700k thats huge … and I think thats a good thing, photography sometimes gets overlooked as the poor cousin to those that paint or do sculptures for their art …

One could only dream of selling an image for that much, right now mine are less that 1% of that price, does that make it a good buy now …. 😉

Read the full article here …

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16 Responses to Ansel Adams print sells for $722K at NYC auction

  1. Clearing Winter Storm is one of his masterpieces, but wow that is a huge amount of money. But I agree, good thing to see photography valued as art in line with painting or sculptures.

    Interesting how Adams only after he died has made lots of money on his landscapes, he never did make a living from it when he was alive.

    Your images are a steal Neal, people should be buying now as value will go up. Apparently especially after we die 🙂

  2. They should be for sure ….

    I’d love to have his clearing winter storm, I have an image I modeled after his one …

  3. Hi Neal,
    There’s a woman here in Perth that has an original handprinted and signed photo of Ansel’s from about 1942. I do my own picture framing and a few years ago she asked me to frame this “old photo” she had, once she told me it was worth $30,000 I carried it around with me for two weeks in case something happened! Apparently the photo used to belong to a former California governor who became ill and this woman s father who was a doctor treated him and was given the photo in the 50’s.

  4. What a great story Colin … Must of ben a real treat to frame something like that …. The image you are talking about is from 1936 … It was taken from the Tuolumne River just inside Yosemite National Park …

    I wonder what is worth today …

  5. I framed it 5 years ago before my interest in photography grew to what it is now so to be honest it wasn’t a big deal, just scared of being sued if I lost it! She’s a U.S. citizen still living here in the same place, she’s even got a mammoth tooth! I must admit now I do enjoy b&w images from Yosemite a lot more, even modern one’s like yours – I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like to trek through that area in the 20’s,30’s & 40’s.

    • I’d love to see the image … You should try and get in contact with the owner, maybe ask if we can go around just to have a look ….

      I saw a handful of original Ansel Adams Prints signed in the Ansel Adams Gallery in Ca … Would dearly love to get a chance to see more …

      • I’ll see if I can track her down, probably best if she will let me take it with me for a week because, well, lets just say she’s “eccentric” and you don’t want to see how she lives! I took photos of it including the signature which is odd because it’s signed “Ansel Adams” where as he signed the others “AA”. It’s also got a stamp on the back “Ansel Adams, 131-24th Avenue San Francisco.

  6. MatthewSaul says:

    thats crazy!. imagine how much it will be worth in another hundred years!

  7. Neal,
    I just spoke to her (Jenni) and the photo is back in California, she has decided to move back home and the first thing she took with her was that photo – sorry can’t help you there.

  8. Andrea says:

    Hi! Love this story! I was wondering if you know whether or not Ansel Adams’ pre- Yosemite prints are worth anything? I have a signed (full sig) 8×10″ print of his titled Roots- Hawaii- Foster Garden. It was framed by his studio in Carmel, Ca.
    Here’s the story- For my parents honeymoon in Nov. of ’67 they went to Santa Barbara. While they were there they happened upon an Ansel Adams exhibit. My Dad really wanted a print, but they didn’t have the money at that time. For their 1 year anniversary, my Mom wrote a letter to Ansel asking him if she could buy a print that my Dad liked from the show. She was sent the print along with a letter, signed by Ansel himself. He states in the letter that he is leaving for Yosemite very soon. The letter is extremely sweet and personable. There was also a letter from his secretary, Liliane De Cock, stating that she hoped this was the print she wanted. I also have a broshure of his from that time in mint condition. I’m curious what all this would get at auction. Any ideas?

    • Hello Andrea, great story behind your print. I love hearing stories like this about old landscape prints. I was just watching a show last night on Yosemite and the great photographers and painters of the past that have passed through and shown us their vision of that amazing place.

      I am no authority at all on Ansel Adams and his prints but I would surely get your print valued either for insurance purposes or with thoughts of selling it. First place I would contact would be his gallery inside Yosemite National Park … The website address is … It is run by folks that know a lot more than myself. With all the added items you have to go with the print no to mention the actual history of how you came about this print makes it surely a collectable print.

      Cheers and let me know how you go …

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