Lights Beach

With the cold stormy weather we have had of late what better conditions do you need to get out there in the elements … a few nights alone in a tent beside the Southern Ocean in near freezing conditions … Doesn’t get any better than that … And the primary reason I like to shoot landscapes, just being out there in the elements with not a soul around …

After the sunset I could not sleep, wind was howling and rain storms kept coming … So left the comfort of the tent and took a few more captures of the beach under a near full moon …

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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9 Responses to Lights Beach

  1. Luke Austin says:

    Very spiffy Mr Pritchard. Braving the conditions payed off. I hear you on being alone in such elements.

  2. ricmcd says:

    Interesting shot Neal, and you got out of a cosy warm tent in the rain to get it.
    You get points for that a well


  3. Cheers Luke … Always fun when your in the extremes so to speak … I guess you have seen your fair share, lucky prick 🙂

    Cheers Ric … Certainly as cosy and warm in the tent … Not to bad out though, but it was awesome being on the beach for a few days with absolutely zero other people around …

  4. Brilliant, really love this simplistic storm shot. Nothing beats getting out in tough windy conditions, it almost always pays off with great images.

  5. Cheers Flem, I like it to as it was unexpected image and just something I shot because I could sleep …

  6. True North Mark says:

    Well done Neal…we’ll show that Likky fellow a few tricks about doin it tough eh!

    Unnnn believable!…annnn den!

  7. *rolls eyes*
    back to b/w…
    but I like this one haha 🙂
    great composition and atmosphere in those clouds!

    very nice Neal.
    and good to hear you’re learning to brave the dark and outdoors by yourself 😛
    wasn’t that long ago you were jumping at every noise wasn’t it lol.

    • Cheers Stephen … Yeah “stormy nights” (sounds like a porn star name) are always good for good black and whites …

      Don’t think the dark and outdoors scares me done enough of it here and in the wilderness overseas, its just those god damn snakes, I hate snakes …. Bears, Coyotes, Owls, Roos etc not a problem, snakes shit me though ….

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