Elephant Cove Denmark

Sunrise after a cold wet and windy night on the beach … I woke up around 4am with still 3 hours before dawn. So packed up the tent and when off on a hike along the coastline of Williams Bay Denmark. I had a few ideas on where and what I was going to shoot, it just depended on where the clouds where and how the sun rise was going to shape up.

Around 6am ish after hiking for a hour or so I made that all important call, which area is going to produce the best possible results and will I choose the wrong spot … I made the call, Elephant Cove it was. I liked the area on a previous scout but there can be nasty shadows at times so was this going to be the case this morning. Who the hell knows, you just battle the second thoughts while your setting up thinking, damn it wrong spot …. NOT on this occasion though. I was setting up and I could start to see how light the cloud was going to be and my first thoughts where, pink sunrise JACKPOT …

Well around 10 mins later when it actually did start to happen I could not believe my luck. Finally a sunrise that stunned me and almost had me stop shooting for a moment. Have not experienced one like that for around 8 or 9 months. San Francisco Dawn over the Golden Gate comes to mind as the last time I was in awe of the sunrise. Well this one was every bit as pretty and all the more so as no one ventured out to see it where I was, maybe it was the -1 or -2 degrees we experienced down there those mornings? Maybe they decided to stay in bed, but cold was the last thing on my mind when I was gifted with this stunning sunrise over Elephant Cove on the Southern Ocean in Denmark Western Australia …

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20 Responses to Elephant Cove Denmark

  1. chizzy says:

    Mate, that is awesome. Love hearing the stories, keep em coming. Especially as i am kinda housebound with no vehicle.

  2. MatthewSaul says:

    well worth the early morning hike in the cold Neal.
    Beautiful shot! Ill have to get down that way some day, looks amazing

  3. True North Mark says:

    Very nice Neal…likin the new blog look as well mate!

  4. kirkhille says:

    Very nice Neal ,
    Looks like a great sunrise love the colors

  5. this is a stunning shot Neal. I love it. spot on about the harsh shadows here, and you got it brilliantly! šŸ™‚

  6. Gorgeous light and colours here and I love your story, Neal Travel’s to the Edge, none of this Art Wolfe or Likky crap!

    I find perhaps the clouds a bit too blurred, I prefer more definition, that’s just me.

  7. Cheers Chizzy

    Cheers Matthew …

    Thanks Markie …

    Thanks Kirk ….

    Thanks Stephen … Not the easiest place to shoot, a lot of mother nature playing nice involved …

    Thanks Flem … You take what mother nature gives us, clouds where moving quite fast and even a 1 second shutter speed produced movement … But I wanted smoothish water and with the light being brief, there was no way I would of had time to shoot bracket images for sky and water seeing as though there is 8 images in this final print …

  8. Luke Austin says:

    Got the signature Spool feel to this one. Good to hear your decision making was on point. It can be frustrating trying to decide where to head for sunrise.

  9. Will Ophuis says:

    some very nice light, lovely scene nice work.

  10. Up and away early is the only way to go, mate. Really nice work. Keep it up.

  11. Cheers Will … It is a 6 image stitch .. 2 rows of 3

    Thanks actually wrong Will .. .that one was a 7 image stitch the one I am working on now is a 6 image 2 rows of 3 …

    Thanks Adrian for stopping by and comments … Cheers …

  12. Chris Bishop says:

    When you get shots like this it makes all the effort for failed attempts worthwhile. Great work Neal.

  13. Man, that’s some sweet color! Once again, Neal, very nicely framed! I somehow developed the urge to go for a swim after looking at this… and probably cuz the temperatures reached 38 degrees for six days in a row…

    Are you heading to the States again this summer? In case you do, drop me a line when and where and we might get together for a shoot or two.

    May the light be with you, young Jedi!

    • Thanks David, yeah I heard about your heat wave … I hear the snow melt in Yosemite this year up over tioga pass is real nice right now …

      Wont be making it this summer but yes I am looking at another trip, I will contact your self when I have firm dates …

  14. Fletch says:

    nice image, those rocks are hard to get a good angle of, I like it and the new look blog mate.

  15. Cheers Christian, yeah not the easiest place to get a nice shot … I have another I like a little more than this I will post when I get a chance …

  16. wayte27 says:

    subtle yet beautiful. I agree with CF. Been here a few time and the angle is difficult when concerned of light and other factors in making a winning image. You have done incredibly well considering the landscape challenges. Cheer Adrian

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