Falls Creek Victoria

Not much time to post this past week and with a back log of images I could post on the blog I thought I’d put this one up first. Taken in the Victorian High Country of Falls Creek. The scene is os the burnt out area of Falls Creek. While one would expect to see the colors of black from the fire and fresh green growth from regeneration from the fire all I saw for miles and miles was the colors of silver / white and grey. While this image has been converted into a black & white print, the conversion was not much at all with the raw file showing virtually no other colors. I rather like the starkness of this print with so many vertical lines highlights by the a couple of dark trees framing the foreground …

More images coming when I get back …

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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18 Responses to Falls Creek Victoria

  1. MatthewSaul says:


  2. dylanfox says:

    I really like this one mate
    it has a the nice dark foreground trees, contrasted against the soft white background. typically i wouldnt like such an area of bare white in the sky but it works well for this image i think. good stuff!

  3. Andrew Brown says:

    Interesting image Neal, heaps of areas up there where the trees aren’t coming back. The fires were too intense. These fires were going on 3.5years ago.

  4. I like this one very much Neal, brilliant lines and it has a great alien otherworldly quality to it.

  5. thomasparkes says:

    Pretty much sums up Victoria at the moment Neal.

  6. Kirk Hille says:

    Very nice neal
    Love the detail Hi Key look to it

    • I just shot it over exposed a little and used Kelbys black and white tutorial as I do for all my black and whites … The Nik software I think does a pretty nasty job of black and whites …

  7. Luke Austin says:

    Classy mate. Lends perfectly to B&W

  8. Will Ophuis says:

    Nice One Mr Neal!

  9. Great image, lovely soft light, b&W sometimes has it over colour any day. Adrian

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