San Francisco Bay Sailing

Just messing around when I should be filing and loading images to the site … Getting side tracked sometimes is a problem, I always like working on new images and find it easy to start something new if I get an idea than do the chores like filing …

More to come as I suspect I will get side tracked on more than this once today …

Sailing on the San Francisco Bay, what a nice way to spend an afternoon … If I did not get seasick

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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4 Responses to San Francisco Bay Sailing

  1. greysqrl says:

    Hello. You have some beautiful photographs on your site. Thank you for sharing.

    • No problems I am glad you like the images … For me it is always easy to take photographs of areas I am passionate about and the Golden gate is right up there with one of my favorite places to photograph. Would love to get back one day as I have scouted out so many good locations at the bridge I would still like to photograph ….

  2. True North Mark says:

    This has a nice surreal feel to it there Neal…nicely done!

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