Kalannie The Town That Feeds Us

Last weekend I did something for the first time, I gave a talk on my photography. I was contacted some time ago about giving a couple of 1 hour talks about my photography for the WAPF (WA Photographic Federation) One session was on what makes a good panoramic photograph and the second session on my post production theories and ideas. I originally thought to myself “oh shit, folks are going to find out how little I really know”.

Well the small group I had envisioned ended up being around the 70 attendee mark, way more than I had thought. Standing up in front of that many folks talking about a few of my photographs on the projector was going to test the stage fright for the first time in like 20 plus years, and many years ago I was behind a huge set of drums and had 4 other members taking the spotlight. Not this time round …

Arriving friday afternoon in small town Kalannie (around 3.5hrs north east of Perth) we all met at the local club for dinner and few drinks before kicking off the weekends activities. Rolling Saturday I gave my first talk before lunch and then another one after lunch. I thought those 2 1 hour sessions would feel like days, but once I got going I found it quite easy to carry on chatting away and answering questions about something I am very passionate about. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend away would recommend anyone thinking of joining the WAPF group to do so, you will meet many like minded photographers all very passionate about photography and a great group of people to be around.

I’d like to thank Ric and Ailsa Mc Donald, Kingsley Klau from Photo Coffee, Jo Ashworth and Danni McCreery, Gary and the legendary cook Anton (awesome bacon and egg rolls) for the invitation I hope folks took away something that will each help take their photographer further, I look forward to following a new group of photographers through their blogs and flickR pages, yes Jo and Danni I will be keep a close eye on those locations you have up there 🙂

To all those that attended one of my individual workshops, thanks a million I also took away very useful intel. If any one of those that took my hourly classes have any further questions please do not hesitate to shoot us an email and I will help out if I know the answer …

Below are a few images of the weekend. I think Kingsley Klau is the photographer for most if not all the images. I think I shot a full 2 frames the whole weekend so sorry folks no images from myself from the area, I had my hands full all weekend.

Oh and one last thing, If the Lady ( sorry your name escapes me right now) that takes the bird photography reads this post …. GET YOUR BLOG UP NOW! You have some seriously amazing bird photography others should see ….

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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22 Responses to Kalannie The Town That Feeds Us

  1. dylanfox says:

    Well done mate!
    would have loved to have listened in caus ei honestly do wonder what u do behind the camera and in the digital dark room to get your results!
    congratulations mate!

    • I often think the same about your image Dylan … May have to one day sit down and compare some notes …. Thanks again …

      • Dylan Fox says:

        ahhh your just begin nice mate!
        i would love to catch up some time soon when im back from the states but as for now i am heading in to the mountains for a bit less than a week so see if i can produce something somewhat good 😛

  2. Jo Ashworth says:

    Thanks so much for coming up to our little part of the world Neal – you have inspired us all to open our eyes, and look for good composition – look out, will definitely take you up on the offer of additional advice!!!
    thanks again, Jo

    • Thanks Jo I have a fun time … I have had a little more time to look through yours and Danni’s portrait portfolio’s you guys (girls) both have very nice styles and cool portfolios, take that style and work it into your landscapes …

  3. Well done Neal, it sounds like both a lot of fun and quite a challenge with speaking in front of such a large crowd. It’s always wonderful to teach about something one is so passionate about (and good at!).

    • Cheers flem, yeah a little nerve racking at the start but after a few min’s just kept chatting along … Hard to fill an hour though as I don’t do to much different just same method individualized for each image …

  4. chizzy says:

    Awesome mate. Great job. Love the group shot, a lot of peeps.

  5. Will Ophuis says:

    Nice Work man Im sure they learnt heaps Im always interested too see what other photogs do behind the scenes!

  6. Andrew Brown says:

    Good stuff Neal, good to push the comfort zones once in a while

  7. True North Mark says:

    Well done there Neal!

    I am sure that those who attended would have come away quite inspired after listening to you!

  8. Annette Liley says:

    Thanks Neal for the kind comments on my bird photography I will make an effort to do that this week sometime. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend away and took landscapes for the first time I have posted a couple on the pip kalannie thread. Your contribution was great Neal I have even printed one of my landscapes!!! Yeahh

    • Good to hear you are printing thats awesome Annette … Let me know when you get your blog up and running I’ll do a blog post about it so you get a bit more exposure to roll of the ball ..

  9. Ailsa says:

    Hi Neal,
    Since I first viewed your photography in Flickr you have been an inspiration to me in Landscape photography.
    Thank you so much for participating in the Weekend at Kalannie. We sure increased the population of the town!
    Thank you Jo and Dani.
    The WAPF
    And the Gem Camera Club for catering
    A very big thank you to Chef Anton!
    Neal your information and inspiration was wonderful
    Take care

  10. dani says:

    Hi Neal,
    Thanks SO much for coming, I know it was a huge effort and you are so dedicated to your passion. You’re sharing was very generous, I am heading in the right direction now with Landscapes I think!
    Thanks for your nice comments on my portrait work, and you’re very welcome to secret location advice next time you are in the area!

  11. matt saul says:

    well done Neal, wish i was there to get the insights into your methods thats for sure!

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