Madfish Bay Denmark

Sometimes you just get lucky with the light and the tides … Ending the day on the beach before setting up camp I was gifted with a stunning sunset. I think I am pretty much over driving to sunrises and sunsets and just taking the shot and leaving, it seems to me your more of an intruder to the scene, I much prefer these days to camp on site if possible or allowed, it just seems more appropriate than rushing in taking your pics and leaving … It may end up I take few images, but I also hope the quality improves …

Western Australian Landscape Prints

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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16 Responses to Madfish Bay Denmark

  1. chizzy says:

    Man, you are just a maestro. Love it, can’t wait to see more.

  2. MatthewSaul says:

    Wow!!. stunning shot Neal, colours are awesome and as always the clarity blows my mind!

  3. Andrew Brown says:

    Lovely scene and well captured mate, not sure about the ‘YELLOW’ up to the top though. Seems to be too loud and out of whack with the rest of the pastelly colours….just my opinion of course

  4. Dan Proud says:

    fantastic Neil, love those yellows coming in.

  5. True North Mark says:

    Yep from me as well mate…a sweet range of colours in this image for sure!

  6. mattinman says:

    Love the colours in this sunset, the bruisey purple and the yellow in the sky are great, the reflection in the water make it magic.

    • Thanks Matt, the reflection is something I was really trying to capture. I had to wait for right wave to come in and then wait for it to leave 3 times to get the right set of images for a stitch … Nail bitting stuff as I did not want to blow it or wait too long and loose the light …

  7. Tony Middleton says:

    Love the tones through this one mate – the scene screams winter to me, but with the subtle serenity of the perfect southern coastal winter twilight. Awesome work !

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