Karijini National Park Gorges

Well it is almost the end of August and I have not had a new blog post since July so I thought I better grab an image from a trip done earlier this year to Karijini National Park and write up a short blog post.

Life has been pretty hectic of late with home renovations and final planning stages of the remaining trips planned for 2010, all of which I am really looking forward too. One location in particular I wish I was heading off tomorrow to shoot instead of a couple of months away. I am looking forward to bringing back a new series of landscape images from each of my travel destinations and some daily insights into each area as I travel. Till then we have a stunning location within Karijini National Park taken mid morning as the sun hit the rim of the canyons.

Karijini National park being one of Western Australia’s largest national parks is full of gorges and cool swimming billabongs after hikes into the gorges. Being around 1500km’s from Perth it is not the easiest place to head off for a shot but I hope to revisit the area again in 2011 to explore a few of the places I had only briefly visited earlier this year.

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18 Responses to Karijini National Park Gorges

  1. Great to read a new blog post from you Neal. Does sound like you could use more hours in the day!

    Like yourself you know I’m more partial to top-side shots from Karijini but it works well here to chop off horizon and present the deep gorge. Nice light coming in, just soft enough to not blow out the highlights.

  2. Yeah I much preferred topside to inside the gorges. I have a few more from the top I’ll post after I get over this home reno hump. No more carpet all hardwood floors so looking forward to it being completed.

  3. charlene says:

    Spent a few days hiking the gorges in Karijini a few years back. Raring to go back for more, but so many other places to discover, and so little time.

    Where are you heading in 2010?

    • Yeah I’d like to go back as well Charlene, hopefully next year I can make it for another 4 days or so.

      I have a few trips planned and booked for the remainder of the year. Tassie and the Overland 6 day hike with my brother should be awesome, just us and a tent …

      Then I have a place I have wanted to get to for a few years now and kep putting it off and another location that just kinda happened apon me due to circumstances I did not foresee, but I’ll leave those 2 locations as a surprise for you 🙂

      • charlene says:

        Haha! Why did I somehow guess I wasn’t going to get all the answers from that 😉

        I look forward to hearing all about it. Looks like you’ve got a busy time till the end of the year.

        I just realised my initial question should have been “where ELSE are you heading in 2010.” Doh. Stuck in the past.

  4. philback says:

    thats awesome Neal i like it

  5. islandimages says:

    Really like the light in this one Neal. Have to get over there myself one day!

  6. Levi says:

    Stunning image Neal, I really need to get up to Karijini one day!

  7. Ailsa says:

    Certainly is one of the places on the list, to visit.
    So many people rave about it as a location

  8. thomasparkes says:

    Great shot Neal, very rugged.

  9. Ollie says:

    Love your blog here. I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts, and will be back for more.

  10. Bill says:

    Great shot, We hope to spend a week or two around here in 2011, the rest of ACE can only pop in and out, so will have to take extra shots of the places they will miss.. LOL

    Wiil take a few long-johns and thermal wear to visit some of the lower parts of these gorges…

    Hope the weather is not as hot as 2008, when we skipped this area , and headed south away from the wind.

    You have a professional looking collection here, FaceBook and Flickr, good luck..

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