Blue Mountains Waterfalls

Not to much to say about this waterfall other than that it lies within the Blue Mountains and is around a hour or so hike down hill from the road. Quite easy to get to, a little harder to get back from. Quite a hard little spot to find a pano image from and I remember having to wedge myself as far back as I could get enough frames to make a good panoramic shot. This image was taken a little over a year ago, I don’t know why sometimes it take me so long to do post on some images, I think I need to be inspired by a image to go into post for it and sometimes like this time can take a year and then some …

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14 Responses to Blue Mountains Waterfalls

  1. Great shot. Love the exposure and the processing.

  2. True North Mark says:

    Very nice Mr. Spool!

  3. thomasparkes says:

    Nice capture Neal, lovely little spot.

  4. islandimages says:

    Very nice indeed Neal!

  5. mattlauder says:

    Valley of the Waters is a hard walk especially carrying all your camera gear. Atleast you are rewarded at the bottom with two great waterfalls. It’s tight shooting and this sort of composition works the best.

  6. timwratephotography says:

    shot there a couple of times! going back up is a prick of a walk!

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