Waimea Canyon Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm at sunrise at Waimea Canyon … Well I guess it is the wet season and in the distance where the storm is actually happening is the wettest place on earth where I heard they get over 500 inches or 40 feet of rain each year …

Revised edition … lighten sky, canyon and just for you clint and darken the center …

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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15 Responses to Waimea Canyon Thunderstorm

  1. Cipher says:

    Beautiful shot. The landscape is great, but you also captured the quality of light that is (for me anyway) sometimes very challenging to do.

    • Thanks Cipher … It was a challenge as the skies where so strong with a deep orange that I opted to use a nd grad on the land section to try and even up the exposure … I went there twice the first time it was so hazy nothing could be taken the second time the cloud was so low and dark from the sunrise and thunderstorm … Not perfect conditions but I like the result it produced …

  2. True North Mark says:

    Hi Neal…great image mate…maybe back off the grad just a tad for my taste…but cool shot all the same!

  3. What a stunning canyon and great capture Neal, a beautiful created image. I agree with Markie, the grad seems a tad heavy.

    • I think your saying the sky Flem? if so it was at least 2 or 3 stops darker than this but I’ll try and lift is a little more as well … I never used a grad on the sky I used a .6 on the valley to cut through the haze a little and balance the against the dark sky … the sun poked through the horizon and it turned flaming orange and lite up the hazy valley so much so it looked great through the naked eye but hard to capture on digital …. moments later though the color vanished as the sun rose to above the cloud level 😦

  4. islandimages says:

    Great image of an awesome landscape Neal. I think the sky is fine but the cliffs could be lifted a little.

    • Cheers Tim … I’ll try and lift the cliffs as well … It was a little hazy in the valley so not sure how far I can go … I think if anything it also needs a lift in the valley, the full size image does look a little more balanced …

  5. Clint Baker says:

    Wow mate!!!… great shot!!! the center is a little bright for me but still amazing shot!!!

  6. Tony Middleton says:

    Great depth in this one Neal, perhaps a touch of sky in the right a tad blown but hey… stunning place by the looks !


    • Cheers Tony … yeah not much I could I guess its a reshoot 😉 … will be in touch after christmas … have a great one buddy and hope to catch up with in the new year …

      • Tony Middleton says:

        Thanks Neal – I don’t think it warrants a reshoot by any
        means ! it’s a cracking image ! But if you feel it does… don’t
        worry mate – I’ve got an entire country here that I need to reshoot
        now – haha ! All the best in 2011 and thanks for your friendship
        and support in 2010 mate 🙂

  7. Christian says:

    haha listen to all these guys, a bit light here a bit dark
    there, it is pretty good in my books mate, no complaints from me.
    Oh hang on, a bit too colourful for me mate hehe.

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