Hanalei Sunrise

Never a more prefect dawn than standing on a quiet beach in the tropics blue water before you surrounded by shear mountains covered in jungle foliage … Light rain to the left of me and sunshine to the right. The green cliffs of Kauai’i provide a perfect backdrop to the colors of the deep blue pacific ocean …

Also my first image that was post processed completely by Capture One Pro 6 …
Files where shot at 50mm with my trusty 50mm f/1.2 lens
Fstop f/13ISO 100Focal Length 50mm Shutter speed 0.8 sec

Hanalei Sunrise

Merry Christmas to all that follow this blog stay safe and enjoy the holidays … Cheers Neal

This should be my last post till 2011 when I will have a new series of images from my recent travels to Tasmania and Hawaii

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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15 Responses to Hanalei Sunrise

  1. Another stunner…Being stuck in snow at this moment, this image really makes me dream to my next vacation. Keep it up my friend and Happy Holidays

  2. Beau Mitchell Landscapes says:

    Just awesome Neal! Maybe crop a bit off the top to make it 3:1.

  3. Clint Baker says:

    very very nice mate…. those colours are great!!…. whats ratios are u using now….. same as what we were doing in melbourne??

  4. True North Mark says:

    Sweet shot mate..heaps going on and all good!

    • Cheers Mark …. Your right about heaps going on … setting up in the right place was a challenge … In the end I ended up hoping all over the place but I think I found the sweet spot when the light peaked …

  5. islandimages says:

    Like this one Neal! All the best for the silly season.

  6. Tony Middleton says:

    Now that has some POP ! tropical all the way – very cool.
    All the best in 2011 Neal 🙂

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