Maui Rainforest Impressions

Maui is filled with color and diversity, from wide open beaches to towering cliffs and rain forests to high altitude landscapes at Haleakala.

Within the Road To Hana after the rains the colors are so intense that I thought while waiting for the light on another shot I would focus on the colors that lay before me. Being quite a departure and the very first time I have attempted a landscape photograph like this I was hoping I would come away with a final series of image I think would be a good example of the colors and print worthy for the portfolio.

Taking a number of captures of all different angles and shutter speeds I think these 3 may best represent the hour or so I spent trying this type of photography. The effect was achieve by slightly moving the camera while in the exposure. It did take a few tries for myself to release you do not have to move the camera much at all. The first 2 exposures where too blurred to be used. I wanted just the right blur but also retain some detail and texture in the tree trunks. I found that I liked the result and enjoyed the challenge more than I had thought, so I may look for other examples in future shoots where I can use this technique.

This series of images can be printed and sold as individual pieces or as a triptych print any size up to 110 inches wide.

Click the thumbnail below for a larger 1200px sample image.

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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12 Responses to Maui Rainforest Impressions

  1. True North Mark says:

    Yeah mate that works for sure!

    I am sure that someone will want that for there wall eh!

  2. Luke Austin says:

    Perfect subject for this type of technique. The results are damn impressive.

  3. Craig Chiswell says:

    Sensational mate. Tree trucks or tree trunks? Does that mean these are on their side then Neal. Very impressive, and the sort of thing I would love on the wall.

    • LOL my typing is SHOCKING at best …. These trees are all standing, would hate to see one on its side they are suck stunning trees … I rotated the image 90 degrees but I have a second series of 3 different trees that are vertical in orientation I’ll post early in the new year …
      have a great new years Craig ….

  4. Cleggy says:

    Wow great stuff Neal, love the photos on your blog mate there all winners, can’t wait to see more..

  5. stevensaul says:


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