Beneath The Trees

Beneath The Trees Lies Many Streams And Creeks To Explore

January could be a pretty productive month for me on the blogs …. I have a ton of new landscapes in the pipeline, some almost finished others within idea’s and stages of post production. This one I had been dwelling on for a month or 2 when finally last week while traversing the beaches of Esperance I saw the way the light was bouncing off the algae growth along the rocky coastline, and it was that, that was missing from this image so I managed to finish post production last night …

The wonders beneath the tree line in Tasmania is like an enchanted forest, rivers, creeks and streams are everywhere you look and in the right light take on an almost other worldly appearance ….

Remember to click the thumbnail for a better size sample image ….


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8 Responses to Beneath The Trees

  1. stevensaul says:

    Hey Neil – Very nice shot – Post processing is sweet!
    Not sure i like the leaves in the very foreground…there is a lot going on in this scene already and i think with the water movement and distant algae that you have processed for it can do with out the bush in the foreground. Distracts me from what is so special in the rest of. Maybe could crop the bottom off up to around where the nice gold rock under water is 🙂

    • Cheers Steven …. There proberly is a couple of different crops I could do with this image but when I was shooting it I was thinking more inline with a vertical pano and shooting almost from where my feet where through to the backlit trees …

  2. islandimages says:

    I know exactly what you are talking about Neal! I love spending time walking through the myrtle forests in the Tasmanian highlands. I half expect a troll or elves to be flitting around on the edge of my vision. the light can be ethereal at times which you have captured here really nicely. Good work!

  3. Stunning mate, love the processing in this!

  4. Cheers Tone … Took me a while to work out what to do with this 3 image stitch …

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