Esperance Sand Dunes

Light At 30 Degrees – Esperance Sand Dunes

With the sun at around 30 degrees, the light was just near perfect for a sand dune landscape I have always wanted to see. I have always wanted to see a nice sand dune landscape in soft light with clouds that are not well defined and skies that just have a hint of color … Finally my chance came to witness something I had envisioned for a long time and capture with my camera as well. Thanks to Dan Paris for showing us this stunning location that is way way off the tracks … Perfect location and we had some awesome yet fleeting light …

This landscape print of the Sand Dunes at Esperance will be made available as a Limited Edition of 9 Print from the 25th Jan 2011.

Please click the thumbnail for the full size sample image … cheers Neal

Esperance Dunes

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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13 Responses to Esperance Sand Dunes

  1. Matt Saul says:

    Yep! beautiful shot Neal. Love it. make it 1 of 1 and sell it for a million hehe

  2. Christian says:

    soft and gorgeous mate, a winner from you.

  3. thomasparkes says:

    Really nice Neal, soft, pastel colours, well done.

  4. Dan Paris says:

    Beautiful Neal, so glad someone found the light that day… wondered what you had seen over there while the rest of us huddled together waiting for the clouds to break.

    • Cheers Dan and thanks for visiting the blog …. I saw the light playing of the far edge when we where i a group and thought why not go over for a look and see what happens … The S curve at the group point was better, I just got a little lucky with the light as this dune …

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  6. Works so well with this soft non contrasty treatment you have given it. Great work my friend.

    • Thanks Flem, this was pretty soon after we arrived, we all started at one point and I took off a few hundred meters to see what was over the other side … This is my favorite capture from the trip and a dune shot I have always wanted to see …

  7. PP Handoko says:

    Beautiful sand dune and looks cool. Nice work!

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