Esperance Dunes

The Great Southern Sunset – Over The Sand Dunes At Esperance

Another sand dune image from Esperance. After taking the previous Esperance sand dune shot I worked my way back to where I had started and shot this series of images to be stitched into a panoramic landscape of the Esperance Dunes.

What I really liked about the dunes in Esperance was the even color of the sand. Sometimes at dunes you see dark patches of sand and coral colored sand or plant life holding on within pockets of the dunes. These dunes seemed to go on forever with very little color change or plant life as evident in this image.

Next up will be a couple of landscape images from the Pinnacles just north of Perth …

Please click the thumbnail below for the full size sample image …

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17 Responses to Esperance Dunes

  1. True North Mark says:

    Nicely done Mr. Spool!

  2. True North Mark says:

    Sitting hear with a ‘worm on my tongue’ mate…baited breath!

  3. Alex Filatov says:

    Fantastic curves, gorgeous work here mate

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  5. Stunning mate! I have a stitch to do from here, I’ve only had time to process two images from my entire trip so far! This works beautifully as a pano, I hope mine works like this!
    You started thinking about dates for the U.K yet mate? πŸ™‚ Maybe you could coincide it with a trip to Norway to shoot Aurora as well in October? Be awesome to take you up there!?

    • Thanks “Stone The Tone” I’m always looking out for your Esperance images, so get cracking son … Thanks for the kind words … I am looking at it very closely and will be in touch well before to give you a heads us … I have always wanted to visit Norway as well …

  6. pretty stunning Neal, freekin top stuff. said it many times how I love curves in images, and this sure has some beautiful curves πŸ˜€ stunning light too man

    • Thanks Stephen … Love those curves and I added as much of them as I could. I really like the line that runs almost from the far left all the way to the right with the parallel line running just underneath it from the midway center point all the way to the right … It give the image so much depth …

  7. islandimages says:

    Very nice Neal! Christian has one from the same spot it looks like which looks great in B& W, both excellent images!

  8. That is one very good composition Neal and I love how you have warmed the tones, makes it feel like the Sahara. Good job as well making these dunes look quite large.

    You’ve posted some great stuff lately, I am offline a lot though so I can’t keep up πŸ™‚

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