Western Australia’s Pinnacles

The Pinnacles – A Western Australian Landmark

The Pinnacles in Western Australia … Around 270km’s north of Perth along the coastline lies one of Western Australia’s international landmarks … Well landmark enough to have the most successful landscape photographer on the planet (Peter Lik) come and photograph that is …

Heres my take on the Pinnacles just north of Perth, Western Australia … On the drive up to the Pinnacles with True North Mark, we watched and saw the clouds getting better and better, hoping they would stay around for a few hours and provide us with a nice sunset, well we must of been good, as mother nature kept those stunning clouds around for the entire time we shoot in and around the Pinnacles, only becoming clear well after sunset as we watched the full moon rise to the east …

Taken around 15-20 mins before sunset when the sky had some color but not to vivid so s to outshine the Pinnacles themselves …

Please click the thumbnail to check out the full size sample file of the Pinnacles – Western Australia …

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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13 Responses to Western Australia’s Pinnacles

  1. True North Mark says:

    Hi Neal…well I reckon we achieved the mission mate!

    I think we both have very worthy images from there now and I definitely rate this one..beautiful colours mate!

  2. Clint Baker says:

    Mate that’s a great shot!!….. when im healed feel like another run up there???… maybe next week

  3. Cheers Clint … Certainly am … Might have to be late next week … Monday and Thursday evenings I have plans … Going to check out the Masters at the FORM Exhibit of Christain’s and Tony’s and Monday at Team Digital … Lets look at maybe a Saturday evening … I should see you 3 times next week then 🙂

  4. Tony Middleton says:

    Great vibrant colour palette in this one Neal 🙂

    • Thanks Tony …. It only got stronger as the sun started to set, but the pinnacles themselves suffered from where I was so I went with an earlier shot for that reason only … I have another couple to come over this week …

  5. kazren says:

    Great shot Neal. The Pinnacles is an awesome place of huge proportion. You’ve captured the essence and added value with the sunset. Nice. I wonder if its possible to get a sunset shot looking out to water over the two tones of dunes? Wished I lived over there to try myself. I’ll be watching your blog with interest.

    • Thanks Kazren … I am not sure if that kind of shot is possible as the dunes along the beach hide the view from the pinnacles, but next time i am up there I will see if it is not at all possible … cheers for stopping by and commenting on the blog

  6. DarkElf says:

    hello Neal

    great photo – the colours are stunning!

    i have a question – were there any issues with staying there until sunset? i thought the park closes around 5pm or thereabouts…


  7. Thanks DarkElf

    I am not sure, we left around a hour after dark and it seemed ok. I never saw any signs pertaining that you could not stay after dark … But I cant be 100% …

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