Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay – North Shore Kaua’i Hawaii

Hanalei Bay on the north shore of Kaua’i is the largest bay on the north coast. Surrounded by tall coconut palm trees, wetlands and taro fields with simply stunning jagged mountains that seem to watch over the foreshore and lands in some mythic spiritual way. A more perfect bay one would envision tropical Hawaiian bay to look like. Around the center of the bay is this magnificent pier (Hanalei Pier) built to help farmers from the taro fields get their crops to market. There is also a wreck in the bay from April 5th 1824 a royal yacht once belonging to King Kamahameha II, I remember the date as its my brothers birthday, not 1824 but April 5th ….

Hanalei Bay has a lot of tradition and history and I only learnt a fraction about this while I was there and had a chance meeting with a man around my age that can trace his roots in the area back over 500 years and owns property right at the end of the road that can never be sold … Must be tough for some to live is such a stunning place with a very relaxed feel about it …

I shot this pier several times but with this image I had wanted to give the perspective of a bygone era because of the history of the bay … I hope you enjoy the image and remember to click the thumbnail to get the full size sample image viewable file …

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6 Responses to Hanalei Bay

  1. True North Mark says:

    Nicely done Mr. Spool…bleep bleep!

  2. philback says:

    nice shot mate I like it mate

  3. Matt saul says:

    Verrrry niceeee…i want to go back to Hawaiiiiii!!!!

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