The Pinnacles Western Australia

The Pinnacles – Namburg National Park

Another Western Australian landscape image from a few weeks ago when I travelled up to the Pinnacles just shy of Cervantes around a 3hr drive from Perth.

After scoring the dunes for a couple of hours we, being Mark Stothard and myself went up a little further to the Pinnacles chasing the clouds and hoping to come away with a couple of nice images each … We shot a few locations before dusk and then settled into our first pick locations for the sunset and then onto a a night shoot location … This is my late afternoon stop where we had a couple of german tourists join us for the location, If fact you could say they used our are standing points to put there feet in to get the same shot with there point and shoot cameras … Quite humorous if is was not so blatant as a few times we had not even stepped out of our footsteps when they where looking to step right in … I laugh now, but at the time I was like wtf at least let us step away first … I had a really nice alternative angle on this location but not being very good with the clone tool and figuring a EF falcon wagon did nothing to enhance the POV so I never shot my secondary location at this spot …

Please click the thumbnail below to view the full size sample file ….

Next up over the next week I’ll be posting landscape images from Yosemite National Park, Hawaii and Tasmania. All brand new landscape photography from the Australia and the USA …

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12 Responses to The Pinnacles Western Australia

  1. Matt saul says:

    Best one so far for sure! nice work

    • Cheers Matt … You think nicer than the sunset one? I lean towards the sunset one myself but my wife actually liked this one so I put it on the blog … Shows how much I know LOL

      • Matt saul says:

        I think much nicer, just my opinion of course. I like the ratio of this crop better, also the lower view point makes the pinnacles much more striking. You can also look off into the distance and still get a sense of the scale of them. I think blue and yellow sit much better next to eachother than purple and yellow aswell.
        I also like the more simple composition showing just the pinnacles (rather than including the shrubs in the sunset shot). Oh yeh and the shadows look cool too aha! Enough reasons?

        • Yep thats enough reasons LOL … Pretty much the same reasons a few others outside the blog world have given … I have a lot to learn about composition and what most will like and what I like … But working on it …

  2. Luke Austin says:

    Very nice Neal. The colours are spot on and compliment each other nicely.

  3. SkP says:

    Amazing colour composition of colour of the ground and the sky!

  4. True North Mark says:

    Nice clean image there Mr Spool!

    I think your sunset shot is stil my fav but….not to say there is anything wrong with this one, but at the end of the day it will come down to which collies fit the decor in the room eh!

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