Taro Fields Kauai

An ancient way of life on the islands of Hawaii are the Taro Fields. Flooded fields provide the perfect growing environment for the taro plant called “Kalo lo’i”. A traditional Hawaiian crop made from the root of the taro plant it is regarded by Hawaiians as the staff of life … And considering how healthy the hawaiians seem to be and our local diet I’d say maybe we should be eating a little more taro in our lives … I have tasted it once and found it not unpleasant but nothing to write home about either. Being a plant material I guess it is high in fiber and starch and just plain good for you in the end …

Between rain showers I managed to fire off a few images to stitch together to come away with this landscape photograph of the Taro Fields in North Kauai.

Next up we should have some screen shots of the new revamped website which has been a work in progress for around 5-6 months now … New logo, new layout, a few older landscape images have been trashed as when reloading every thing to the new site I cringed more often than not at some of my earlier works and they had to be trashed forever, never to see the light of day again … and a few new images added to the galleries …

cheers Neal

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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9 Responses to Taro Fields Kauai

  1. True North Mark says:

    Nice work mate…it seems the new websites are “in the air”! I wonder if it’s catching?

    Looking fwd to the launch mate!

    • Cheers Mark … yeah I have been trying to get this update done for a while now … Was originally supposed to be complete before christmas … But we are getting close now … I’ll be happy when its done so I can move onto some new images … But it did give me a really good chance to re-evaluate what I had and what I wanted to show …

  2. Tony Middleton says:

    Wonderful lush vibrant image Neal – nah aussie kids are to hooked on crap like maccas, xbox and mobile phones 😦
    I look fwd to the new site mate, and Mark, I’m working on getting enough decent material again after having one 95% complete last yr. Maybe later in the year for me 🙂

  3. islandimages says:

    Lush is about the perfect word for this image! look forward to seeing the new website.

    • Cheers Tim … fingers crossed later this week or earl next week … Its a nice update from the current site … Half the update was the backend thanks to my tech guys at clever starfish, Dave and Levi… But a lot has been done with the layout and flow of the site … All new thumb display and navigation …

  4. Clint Baker says:

    Amazing shot mate….. loving the light rays on the top left…. very nice!!

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