New Landscape Photography Site Now Live

Well its been a long time coming with countless hours planning, drafting, and reworking some older images with todays knowledge as well as reworking every single thumbnail preview in each size to ensure I produced the very best representation of the final product I could. Not scripts, no on the fly resizing, all hand done one at a time.

A good byproduct was the time it gave me to really go over everything I have done and be as harsh as I could on every image with the end result being the culling of 100’s of images. Some tough to do others easy, they had to go. Plus we have a new logo deciding to add my full name to the mix was something I fought against and lost ….

In the end the new improved landscape photography site of mine is now live with my best images in the best possible display on any website I have seen.

Thanks to Dave and the team and Clever Starfish, we had our set backs and delays but I am very happy with the results and you guys have done another amazing job …

With many improvements in design, speed, clarity, logo, branding and a much improved “In Your Home” feature the new website is a lot easier to browse and select the prints you like. Below are a few screen shots of the the new site … With the launch of the new improved site I will be posting a majority of the blog posts on so please feel free to bookmark that site for regular landscape photography updates …

This wordpress blog will continue to remain active with a few postings each month as well … April should be a good month for new blog posts as I will have some new images in the pipeline …

Check out the full site for a complete listing of all my images available for purchase …

About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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10 Responses to New Landscape Photography Site Now Live

  1. Looks incredibly clean and professional and oozes quality, well done Neal. I like the very large high quality previews you now offer, one can really appreciate your work and hopefully it will entice many a buyer!

    Only thing that did not catch my eye easily at first until I had to actively hunt for it on the page, was the drop down box for galleries on the open edition page.

    I’m glad you lost the fight over the name – looks and feels better with Neal Pritchard as the name šŸ™‚

  2. Cheers Flemming … it all came together in the end … finally … I think I know what you mean, and I have been thinking about changing the little triangle arrow to a colour so it stands out against the grey, what do you think?

    • Yes, good idea to make it stand out a bit more, tell the viewer that here’s something that is presently selected to ‘New Images’ but one can choose other galleries. You could also make it with a green background so it looks like the other bottoms in ‘active’ mode.

  3. Tony Middleton says:

    Looks great Neal – I look forward to getting some more time and having a proper browse around.
    Well done !

  4. Looks fantastic Neal, and you’re spot on about it being one of the best photography sites around I think- and not too shabby images either šŸ˜‰ I do agree with Flem’s comment and was just thinking that myself when I then read the comments haha.

    I checked out the blog, and the blog post of your Cape Naturaliste image you have also posted on here has next to no colour compared to the wordpress version? It’s usually the other way round with wordpress killing the colour, but maybe check that out. I’m viewing in firefox, which i’ve never noticed that big a variation in before

  5. Cheers Stephen …. WordPress just crunches the shit out of some colours I have no idea why …. I am using a WordPress lightbox code on the which presents the preview thumbnail very very bland, yet when viewing larger as the floating file it is fine …. I am not sure that is the problem or not, but I have Dave from Clever Starfish looking into it …. Most of my images are either prophoto of a JH color profile, but somewhere along the line wordpress likes to show them as a sRGB when using the lightbox coding …. pain in the ass …

    • Hi Neal, just a quick reply, absolutely everything you post online, wordpress or not, should be converted to sRGB. It’s the default colour profile for all browsers and PCs. Very few browsers/operating systems honour colour profiles, so definitely convert all web images to sRGB. Only way to make sure your files will look somewhat the same on all OS and browsers.

      • They are all sRGB files flem, it only when i use the lightbox code does it get screwed up somewhat more … But after spending the day on it I figured it out and reloaded every image to the website again, now the “In Your Home” feature really does work as it was meant to

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