One of the longest most indepth blog posts I have done in a long time …

As you know by now one of my favourite photographers is Ansel Adams the more I look at his work the more I see how freakin good he was … There are landscape prints of his I look at and wonder why is this so compelling good, why and how does he make these black and white images just jump off the page … The answer may lie in the tones and his use of the zones. A lot of Black & White photography is just that Black & White and for me that just not what it is about. For me its all about the grey tones, and the use of different shades grey to build depth and interest … With this in mind I thought I would try my hand at a Black & White Antique looking landscape photograph ….

Yosemite National Park Granite Cliffs

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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