Do you get requests for free photographs or services?

I know I am always fielding emails asking for use of an image here or there for free. Sometimes the only offer given to myself is credit for the photograph used. I will have to say though I have never given away my photography for free or image credit alongside the image.
If you find responding to the same requests difficult and sometimes very time consuming then here is something I think EVERY photographer no matter how well known or UNknown should use and add their name to the list.
Please have a read of this blog page and take into consideration the use of the wording and adding strength to the list by adding your name …
Thanks to Tony for writting this clear response to the question I am sure we all get asked and wonder how we should respond …

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Tonys Blog Article

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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2 Responses to Do you get requests for free photographs or services?

  1. True North Mark says:

    A very good article mate and I for sure can relate! I had one idiot who wanted a shot I took of him on the Rotto to Freo kite race who screwed me down a few bucks on the promise of a credit in the Fremantle Gazzette and then they credited Peta North!

    At least they credited someone I like, but man oh man how hard is it to get it right!

    • I hear ya. It was a timely article by Tony as this week I have been snowed under with multiple requests and it gets quite a pain to answer back. Now I will just referr them to the page as my reason for refusal.

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