About Spool Photography

Neal Pritchard is an emerging photographer from Western Australia who is passionate about the outdoors. To capture the beauty of this natural world has become his absorbing pursuit. The results of his preparation, research and planning to breathtaking locations around Australia and the USA, is a growing collection of impressive landscape photography.

Today Neal’s images can be printed as large panoramic prints that showcase the brilliant colours and natural beauty that we sometimes never get the chance to stop and spend a moment enjoying.

“Twice each day mother nature shines with her warm light. At either dusk or dawn the colors of nature come into brilliance, showcasing the land, sea and sky.”

“Capturing that light is a passion of mine that seems to grow stronger with each passing shoot. To capture mother natures light and the beauty she unfolds has become my absorbing pursuit and I hope it also highlights that we don’t own this world we are merely here to witness its beauty in all shapes and forms.”

“Photographing in the early and late afternoon allows me to use minimal digital manipulation. While I do use neutral density filters to even out bright skies and darker land scenes. I do not use any colored filters rather I let mother nature show her beauty through color and form.”

“I use and recommend Canon Cameras, Gitzo Tripods, Really Right Stuff Ball Heads, Lowepro Bags, Singh-Ray Filters and Apple Computers.”

For a full listing on images I have for sale please visit my Landscape Galleries at

Spool Photography Landscapes


If you are interested in purchasing a print or have a question relating to the purchase of my Landscape Photography Prints” please contact myself via my contact form at

Spool Photography Contact

or info@spoolphotography.com


Neal Pritchard

All images and text on this site are owned by Spool Photography and are NOT in the public domain. All images may NOT be used on websites, blogs or in any other form of media print or web based without explicit written permission by Spool Photography.

4 Responses to About Spool Photography

  1. danproud says:

    Hey Neal, REALLY love your work. added your link on my blog psge too…

    Also, congrats on your website! It is the most funky, user-friendly photography site I think I’ve ever seen, well done!!

  2. Thanks Dan for your kind words.

  3. Craig Cullum says:

    What an awesome site, I would love to know how you find all these places in Western Australia, what you use for research of locations.

  4. thanks craig … having lived in west australia for 40 years I have seen a fair bit and driven a fair chunk of the state so that helps a lot …

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