My Personal Favorites

From time to time I will use this page to post some of my favorite images I have been lucky to capture. Some maybe personal favorites of mine because of the location or the capture itself. Some may agree or disagree but I thought a page with the photos I personally like would add to the blog a little and maybe give you the viewers of this blog some insight into what I like to see in an image.

I also would like to feature photos from other photographers that I like and find inspirational and if given the permission by the photographer I will post their photo and reference their site as well.


Time for another update from one of my favorite photographers. This time it is also one of my favorite places and a location that produces so many sensational opportunities.

Leon From Waterfalls West has produced an image from a area called Bonsai Rock in Lake Tahoe. Leon was also greeted with a sunset to die for at one of Lake Tahoe’s prettiest locations. Thus this image to my is one of my favorites.

Cheers Leon … Looking forward to our shoots bring on those fall colors ….


Be sure to check out more of Leons work at Waterfalls West for pretty much every waterfall in Northern California and some amazing landscape images from his area …


Another one of my favorite photographers is Brian Rueb

Brian is a photographer from Northern California that I have been following Brian Rueb via his FlickR for around 3 years now. I make special point of visiting his page every few days not only to see what he has photographed but to read the Journal of his trails and tribulations of his photographic life. Thoroughly enjoying his writings along with his stunning captures of the beauty that is California and surrounding areas.

Sometimes maybe I am living vicariously through his writings and images as I too find California and in particular Northern California the most diverse and stunning of landscape places on earth.

So if you have a few mins a day or just want to read some funny as hell writings as well as some of the beauty that California has to offer, check out Brians FlickR Page he has an amazing collection of images, and if your off to California sometime soon, be sure to check out his photographic workshops.

Heres a couple of images of Brians that I especially like first one is one of Brians latest the dunes of Death Valley and the second is just an absolute classic shot of his pup Roxy (yep shares the same name as my pup) taking a breather.



One day I hope to catch up with Brian and his pup Duke for a shoot. That would be a fun day.

Thanks Brian for letting me post your images and keep up the great travels.




I met fellow photographer Leon earlier this year when we met up for a shoot one very early and cold morning at Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe. Leon photographs waterfalls and has pretty extensive blog dedicated to some of the best in North America called Waterfalls West.

Here is one of his latest taken at the South Fork American River and the falls colors of the Aspen Trees. I love the depth of this image and the fine colors of the gold, orange, green and yellow. Hwy 395 that runs from Lake Tahoe through to Southern California has plenty of chances to see the falls colors at this time of year. A good place to start would be the stretch of highway between Mono Lake and Aspendell. One of my travels to do list some day.


Taken in Yosemite National Park, this series of images stitched to make one large image I had been holding off doing for quite a while as the individual images just seemed to busy, but once I stitched it and saw the large image it just took me back to a feeling I had at that moment I took these images, even a sense of smell was relived, strange but very cool as well.


Well time to post another one of those images I fine just truly inspirational and perfect in every way. This time the image belongs to another photographer, Brent Pearson. Brents images I first discovered on His FlickR Site

Brent thinks outside the box with his exposures. He captures some amazing images and is a very talented photographer in my eyes. Check out Brents Blog and FlickR Site for a host of images that are amazing. His use of two different exposure settings for the one image produced something very special. This image has made me think more about what I see when I am out shooting myself.

Thanks Brent for allowing me to post your image, I feel more folks should see your work.

Larger Version


So to get the ball rolling here is one of my current favorites, partly because of the location I was in and the time I spent to trying and capture this and I just love the grand nature and size of what I photographed. Its also my current post on the blog.


10 Responses to My Personal Favorites

  1. dylanfox says:

    This page is a great idea! I know you must have some rippers in your computer that we haven’t seen before!

  2. Great idea and fantastic image – the scale of the place is incredible ! well done !

  3. casarotto says:

    I would love to see a big print of your first image here, just to get a proper feel for the grand size. Very nice shot.
    I reckon your Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe image should be on this page.

  4. I have a large 60 inch print Casarotto of Half Dome. I do not have a gallery though for viewing … Sorry

  5. Leon says:

    Thanks very much for the ‘feature’, Neal. Much appreciated.

  6. kirkhille says:

    Brian sure does have some amazing work love that sand dune image of his

  7. BrianRueb says:

    Thanks Neal!!!
    You can hike with Duke and I any time…

  8. One day not to far in the future I will take you up on that offer. Cheers

  9. islandimages says:

    Some great images here Neal. Nice idea!

  10. Josey says:

    I would love to see a big print of your first image here, just to get a proper feel for the grand size. Very nice shot.
    I reckon your Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe image should be on this page.


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