Taro Fields Kauai

An ancient way of life on the islands of Hawaii are the Taro Fields. Flooded fields provide the perfect growing environment for the taro plant called “Kalo lo’i”. A traditional Hawaiian crop made from the root of the taro plant it is regarded by Hawaiians as the staff of life … And considering how healthy the hawaiians seem to be and our local diet I’d say maybe we should be eating a little more taro in our lives … I have tasted it once and found it not unpleasant but nothing to write home about either. Being a plant material I guess it is high in fiber and starch and just plain good for you in the end …

Between rain showers I managed to fire off a few images to stitch together to come away with this landscape photograph of the Taro Fields in North Kauai.

Next up we should have some screen shots of the new revamped website which has been a work in progress for around 5-6 months now … New logo, new layout, a few older landscape images have been trashed as when reloading every thing to the new site I cringed more often than not at some of my earlier works and they had to be trashed forever, never to see the light of day again … and a few new images added to the galleries …

cheers Neal

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Cape Naturaliste South West Western Australia

On a whim I headed south the other day to try out a few ideas that had been floating round my head for a while. I have this kind of shot in my mind for a while now and tried and failed on my last visit south, this time I came away with something I am a lot happier with … Being a very windy the only side of the south west that was acceptable to photograph was the western side shielded by those strong easterly winds that made Quinndalup Bay a mess with seaweed and mirky water.

Trying to produce cleaner images with less post production and more emphasis on clarity and composition …. Cape Naturaliste is a Western Australian landscape photography paradise!

Coming up next on the blog are images from Tasmania, Victoria and Hawaii and my field test report on the Zeiss 50mm f/2 lens …. Goodbye Canon 50 f/1.2 ….

Cape Naturaliste Landscape Photography

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Fall Colors

Fall Colors in the high country of Victoria, Australia

Victorian Landscape Photography

We we are now in the dog days of summer … And outside of the photography world I freakin love this time of year … While some are looking for respite from the long hot summer, I say bring it on hoping we have a full month over of over 35’s like we did when I was growing up and I lived in the foothills and the beach was a pipe dream at the end of a 2hr train and bus ride. The month of February when it has already been hot for months is when the real summer kicks in. Its hot, its dry and the smell of a BBQ plate at the end of the day is almost as good as the smell of rain on the tar roads after a heat wave. Its the simple things …

… But in the photography world its not so good, unless we get a storm. So one starts thinking about the coming change of season and what landscape photography opportunities may arise …

Well last year the opportunity was to hit the Victoria and chase some fall colors … Here a little stitched image taken I think back in May … While it must of peaked before I arrived in Victoria there was still a little color left …

So why has it taken so long to post this image, no idea its been completed now for around 6 months, just never got around to posting the final landscape print version …

Next series of landscapes to go up on the blog with be photographs from Hawaii, Victoria and Esperance …

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Sand Wind and Surf

Sand Wind and Surf A Tasmanian East Coast Beach

I guess we have all seen large boulders on the beach from time to time and watched wave after wave crash over them. Well on this particular beach there was this very large smooth shaped boulder that may of been there millions apon millions of years. While I was looking to clouds to see what direction I should be shooting incase the light changed, what I should of been looking at was this boulder and the waves that came washing over it, each wave taking just a little more away from the boulder.

I was kind of just staring at it for a few minutes watching as another wave would come across the face of the it and down over the sides and maybe a little over the back and then it dawned on me this actual wave pattern happening right now was in fact the creator for the actual shape of this boulder, not some winters raging storm or pounding waves, but this gentle wave that lapped over the boulder.

So I step up about as low as I could i started shooting images till I captured just the right one, that showed the wave just about to run down the face of the boulder where the least of the erosion was taking place …

Please check out the larger file but clicking the thumbnail ….

Next up for the blog I will have new landscape photography from Victoria, Yosemite National Park and Hawaii …

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The Pinnacles Western Australia

The Pinnacles – Namburg National Park

Another Western Australian landscape image from a few weeks ago when I travelled up to the Pinnacles just shy of Cervantes around a 3hr drive from Perth.

After scoring the dunes for a couple of hours we, being Mark Stothard and myself went up a little further to the Pinnacles chasing the clouds and hoping to come away with a couple of nice images each … We shot a few locations before dusk and then settled into our first pick locations for the sunset and then onto a a night shoot location … This is my late afternoon stop where we had a couple of german tourists join us for the location, If fact you could say they used our are standing points to put there feet in to get the same shot with there point and shoot cameras … Quite humorous if is was not so blatant as a few times we had not even stepped out of our footsteps when they where looking to step right in … I laugh now, but at the time I was like wtf at least let us step away first … I had a really nice alternative angle on this location but not being very good with the clone tool and figuring a EF falcon wagon did nothing to enhance the POV so I never shot my secondary location at this spot …

Please click the thumbnail below to view the full size sample file ….

Next up over the next week I’ll be posting landscape images from Yosemite National Park, Hawaii and Tasmania. All brand new landscape photography from the Australia and the USA …

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Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay – North Shore Kaua’i Hawaii

Hanalei Bay on the north shore of Kaua’i is the largest bay on the north coast. Surrounded by tall coconut palm trees, wetlands and taro fields with simply stunning jagged mountains that seem to watch over the foreshore and lands in some mythic spiritual way. A more perfect bay one would envision tropical Hawaiian bay to look like. Around the center of the bay is this magnificent pier (Hanalei Pier) built to help farmers from the taro fields get their crops to market. There is also a wreck in the bay from April 5th 1824 a royal yacht once belonging to King Kamahameha II, I remember the date as its my brothers birthday, not 1824 but April 5th ….

Hanalei Bay has a lot of tradition and history and I only learnt a fraction about this while I was there and had a chance meeting with a man around my age that can trace his roots in the area back over 500 years and owns property right at the end of the road that can never be sold … Must be tough for some to live is such a stunning place with a very relaxed feel about it …

I shot this pier several times but with this image I had wanted to give the perspective of a bygone era because of the history of the bay … I hope you enjoy the image and remember to click the thumbnail to get the full size sample image viewable file …

Earlier this month I gave away our first print after we reached 500 likes and I am dong it again at 750 likes … Just suggest this page http://www.facebook.com/SpoolPhotography to your friends by using the “Suggest To Friends” link on the left hand side of the page and then leave your name as a reply to the note on the Facebook page letting me know you have done so …cheers Neal

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Thanks and lets shoot for 750 …

Earlier this month we gave away our first print after we reached 500 likes .. Congrats to Patrick Strik and his help in us reaching that 500 goal. Now its time to give away another print either a 20×30 or 40×13.3 inch print of your choice from the open editions at http://www.Spoolphotography.com

Just suggest this page http://www.facebook.com/SpoolPhotography to your friends by using the “Suggest To Friends” link on the left hand side of the page and then leave your name as a reply to this note letting me know you have done so …

When we reach 750 likes we’ll be giving way another print to someone that has suggested this page to their friends and left their name on this note …

Thanks in advance to all those that help me achieve this goal and good luck to everyone … Cheers Neal


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Western Australia’s Pinnacles

The Pinnacles – A Western Australian Landmark

The Pinnacles in Western Australia … Around 270km’s north of Perth along the coastline lies one of Western Australia’s international landmarks … Well landmark enough to have the most successful landscape photographer on the planet (Peter Lik) come and photograph that is …

Heres my take on the Pinnacles just north of Perth, Western Australia … On the drive up to the Pinnacles with True North Mark, we watched and saw the clouds getting better and better, hoping they would stay around for a few hours and provide us with a nice sunset, well we must of been good, as mother nature kept those stunning clouds around for the entire time we shoot in and around the Pinnacles, only becoming clear well after sunset as we watched the full moon rise to the east …

Taken around 15-20 mins before sunset when the sky had some color but not to vivid so s to outshine the Pinnacles themselves …

Please click the thumbnail to check out the full size sample file of the Pinnacles – Western Australia …

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Esperance Dunes

The Great Southern Sunset – Over The Sand Dunes At Esperance

Another sand dune image from Esperance. After taking the previous Esperance sand dune shot I worked my way back to where I had started and shot this series of images to be stitched into a panoramic landscape of the Esperance Dunes.

What I really liked about the dunes in Esperance was the even color of the sand. Sometimes at dunes you see dark patches of sand and coral colored sand or plant life holding on within pockets of the dunes. These dunes seemed to go on forever with very little color change or plant life as evident in this image.

Next up will be a couple of landscape images from the Pinnacles just north of Perth …

Please click the thumbnail below for the full size sample image …

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Esperance Sand Dunes

Light At 30 Degrees – Esperance Sand Dunes

With the sun at around 30 degrees, the light was just near perfect for a sand dune landscape I have always wanted to see. I have always wanted to see a nice sand dune landscape in soft light with clouds that are not well defined and skies that just have a hint of color … Finally my chance came to witness something I had envisioned for a long time and capture with my camera as well. Thanks to Dan Paris for showing us this stunning location that is way way off the tracks … Perfect location and we had some awesome yet fleeting light …

This landscape print of the Sand Dunes at Esperance will be made available as a Limited Edition of 9 Print from the 25th Jan 2011.

Please click the thumbnail for the full size sample image … cheers Neal

Esperance Dunes

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Tasmanian Waters

Honeymoon Serenade – Tasmaina

Going back to my Tasmanian trip last year I have a few more images I will be posting on this blog. I think so far I have only posted 2 or 3 from the trip but there is qute a few more to come … When the dog days of summer hit us in Feb I will find a lot more time to go through my Tasmanian and Hawaiian images from last year …

Taken on I think it was my second last night on the coast in Tasmania we experienced an amazing sunset. This was the best sunset we experienced on the trip and I was lucky to be in one of Tasmania’s most idealic locations to capture the scene as it unfolded … Looking forward to experiencing more of what Tasmania has to offer in 2011 …

Click the thumbnail below for the full size sample image … cheers

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Honeymoon Serenade Landscape Prints

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Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands – Cervantes Western Australia

Myself and a friend and fellow photographer Mark Stothard had been planning a trip up the coast for a few weeks when conditions seemed pretty right, this past friday looked like the day was ripe for a variety of shooting conditions. We wanted to shoot some dunes as well as the West Australian Landmark “The Pinnacles” inside Nambung National Park. The name Numbung is the indigenous meaning for crocked or winding, describing the Nambung River that drains into the area.

First stop was the dunes where we covered a fair chunk of the dunes on foot heading left and right scoring the dunes for some nice shapes. mark had found this nice “S” shape dune some 150mtrs away when I was still on the look out for my location. Reaching the top of a dune I looked around and saw nothing that took a firm interest, so I thought hell why not lets go scout what is over the next dune peak. Coming down of one large dune into a valley I sized up the next slog up the soft sand when I came to a ledge in the valley and saw this stunning sand sculpture. While it could only been 15-20 feet long it really took my interest and I knew there was a shot here if I could just get the angle right.

I have been somewhat looking at a couple of photographers of late that have sparked my interest in looking into the landscape as well as the general wide angle view, looking for those elements within a landscape that draw our attention. Guy Tal has an incredible eye for this and while his work I have followed for a number of years only recently have I really been trying to study what makes his imagery so appealing to many.

So with that in mind this is one of my first examples of that type of landscape photography. While I was just a mere 6 or so feet above this stunning sand pattern if you look long and hard at the image one can get a sense they could be in a plane at say 3000 feet looking down on a huge expanse of land with giant sand dunes and waves of shifting sands.

If you get a chance check out Guy Tai’s work along with Tony Kuyper both sensational photographers with some much to learn from by just spending time within their images …

Oh the image I almost forgot the image … Was on a bit of a mind wander there with the back story ….

Cheers again Mark for the afternoon … Next time we tent up 🙂

More from the trip coming up over the next week … I think I have a few really nice images to come ….

Click the thumbnail below for the full size sample image …. Cheers Neal

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Western Australia’s Pilbara Outback

With so many locations and images shot in 2010 those that read this blog may have to endure a number of landscape images taken in 2010. It is taking some time to go over all the files I have shot choosing what to work on etc … This image was taken last April on the Karijini Workshop held by Christian Fletcher, Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt. I am pretty sure they are holding it again this March/April, so if you have the chance check it out you wont be disappointed … I’d love to head back up there again in the near future …

Check out the full size sample by clicking the thumbnail shown below ….

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Teaming Up With Luke Austin

Photography Workshop with Luke Austin and Myself …

I have teamed up with Luke Austin to provide some workshops for those new to the world of Digital SLR photography. If you have purchased a DSLR camera and want to get off the Green Auto Mode then this is the workshop for YOU.

Luke has extensive knowledge and experience shooting stunning landscapes in the wilderness of Canada and the USA as well as numerous locations within Australia …

Me, well most of you that read this blog are full bottle on the type and style of photography I do. If you are not then please check out this blog history or visit my main site at Spoolphotography.com for further insight ….

Saturday the 12th Feb 2011 Luke Austin and myself with be available to answer all your questions and give you a insight into how we take our photographs and what YOUR camera and YOU can achieve.

We have limited the numbers to just 8 so we can speak and spend considerable time with each person showing them how the take their photography to the next level. The workshop will include a booklet of all that we will cover over the 5hrs of the workshop. This booklet will be posted out to all participants before the workshop day so they can read through and gain further insight to what the morning workshop will cover …

Full details of the workshop are on the flyer below … If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email either Luke Austin or myself on the numbers provided on the flyer … We hope to see YOU there … it will be a fun filled morning with lots of information and practical knowledge … Refreshments and morning light snacks provided …

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Esperance Beach

Esperance Beach Western Australia

On our last day in Esperance we drove along most of the popular beaches in Esperance, gifted with blue skies forever, crystal clear water of the Southern Ocean and the purest of white sandy beaches. I shot every beach we came to. I originally shot this beach handheld at around 1/100 shutter speed then decided a long exposure may be a better option. The result was a 3 image stitch shot at around 15-20 seconds at f8 iso 100, so I could get a little cloud movement as well as some water movement …

I really like the tone of the blues in both the sky and water on this image as well as the contrast between the pure white sand and the large granite headland leading into the Southern Ocean.


"Esperance Beaches"

*Looking for some quality Canon Lenses for you rig? I am selling a couple of my Canon Lenses for $1480 and $1530 for each lens. Just contact me at info@spoolphotography.com or 0406 408 317 Cheers Neal
EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens $1480
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens $1530

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