The Colors Of Tasmania Landscapes

Well all good things must come to a end at some point. I arrived back home very late on thursday evening after hiking around Tasmania for 10 days with my brother. We visited some amazing places from lush rainforests to white sandy beaches with crystal clear blue water and some mountain regions in-between.

The first thing that impressed me and well my brother as well was the quality of the food. My god their beef is just sensational and leaves the tough boot leather we get here in Western Australia in the dark ages, only the meat from Mondo’s butchers in Inglewood gets close, but still lacks the flavour of Tasmanian beef by a mile.

We feasted at every opportunity we could find on local foods, from the freshly shucked Oysters right there in front of us with just a squeeze of lemon to home cooked pepper steak pie that just rocked, to the farm fresh eggs that actually had taste and the bacon, dont get me stated on the bacon … The food in Tasmania alone is enough to get me back there …

But it was not all a gastronomes delight we had several mornings of porridge by the tent in -5 degree snow weather and tinned spaghetti on bread for dinner.

In between we found time to do some hiking with around a total of 50+km’s completed with our longest hike being 16km’s on a trial you could hardly call a trail unless you had a machete and another really pleasant 11km hike over a mountain ridge and around another mountain on the way back to camp … Cheers Casey for joining us on the hike I had a great day and was so charged after the hike … We did many smaller hikes in between and really loved being out in the elements although very cold, it was totally worth it as virtually no one was around. We did bump into Andrew Denton briefly one morning and passed Neil Perry in our travels. Andrew being one of my favorite Australian comedians and Neil Perry being one of our finest Chefs in Australia …

Thanks to Casey Smith who we spent a day with when we arrived and then a couple of days with Casey at the very end of the trip … We both enjoyed your company Casey and I look forward to seeing your results when they come back from the lab …

While I had thought about posting up one of the panoramic landscape images I have of Cradle Mountain as the first post but really we have all seen a million of them from pretty much the same angle, which surprised me when I was there and actually saw the spots most take their images from … I thought I would go with some thing different for the first post, no farms, no mountains and no beaches, my first post is closer to what originally inspired me to go to Tasmania in the first place … Peter Dombrovkis a legend in Tasmanian Wilderness Photography … I was SO LUCKY to see some of his original work up close in a couple of galleries while I was in Tasmania …

Well enough banter, here is my first image from Tasmania … I hope you enjoy the serene colors and tranquil feeling of this image. Walking alone this morning it was a pleasure to stop breath in and take my time at this location …

Ancient Wilderness

Click the image below for the full size web image

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36 Responses to The Colors Of Tasmania Landscapes

  1. Awesome work Neil…I absolutely love it

  2. mitchell burns says:

    love this shot, hey is there a name for the PP you did on this image, like how you made it glow?? i want to learn how to do it

  3. True North Mark says:

    Nicely done Neal!

    A very serene image indeed!

  4. True North Mark says:

    Always good to be home mate!

    I have travelled far too much over the years…and cherish the home times!

    Last trip for the year I hope will be PNG next month with CF

  5. Casey Smith says:

    Hey Neal, Great shot mate and it was a pleasure to meet both you an Michael. Having the both of you there was great and it made my trip so much better, not only to bounce ideas off but also to have your brother there when photography was not the main topic.

    And yes the food was great, wasnt it.

    I’ll let you know as soon as I get my slides back how I went, and I hope to have some to post pretty soon.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your trip from Tassie.


  6. Very nice magical Lord of the Rings glow to the forest. Looks haunted yet friendly. Great technique mate. For me, the water lacks a bit of definition but the forest is the real star here.

    • Cheers Flemming … I think the water smoothness with lack of detail adds balance to the somewhat busy interconnected trees and leaves. My main focus here was the tree branches to the right of the frame leading you into the path of light that provides amazing depth to the image (you can see right down the path of the creek). The smoothness of the water is so you eye is not detracted from this path and you are somewhat pulled into the forest, busy water flow would not of achieved this for my eyes. I have a few other shorter exposures and they do not convey the feel and emotion I was looking to achieve as this image does.

  7. Leon says:

    Very dreamy and beautiful image Neal. Sounds like you had an awesome trip.

  8. Andrew Brown says:

    Nice different approach Neal, the Tassie lamb does it for me.

  9. Jamie Paterson says:

    Absolutely stunning and beautiful Neal. I can’t get over how serene this is. You’ve really conveyed what Tassie is all about.

  10. islandimages says:

    Very nice image Neal, one of the best I’ve seen and I have seen heaps! I have grown up with Peter Dombrovkis’Wilderness Calendars for many years.
    Another Tas Photographer I really like is Dennis Harding, there is a link on my blog. Check him out.
    BTW, you gotta try Tasmanian Lamb!

  11. The square format and soft glow suit the scene well.
    Mmmm lamb

  12. Christian says:

    very Marc Adamus Neal. Love the soft glow.

  13. stevensaul says:

    Beautful shot Neal! love the old mossy logs – defintely adds to the acient feel of it!

  14. thomasparkes says:

    AS CF said, Marc Adamus.
    Very nice effect, love the moss, however the trees looked they were chainsawed which detracts from the “Ancient Wilderness” tag.

  15. wayte27 says:

    Hey Neal,Stunning mate, love the composition of the fallen logs. Cheers Adrian

  16. Lovely shot. Very dreamy. Look forward to seeing more from my training ground in landscape, Tassie. Nice to see one of my favourite photographers in the world mentioned too, Dombrovskis.

  17. Misty says:

    Super site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds also, Thanks.

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