Fall Colors

Fall Colors in the high country of Victoria, Australia

Victorian Landscape Photography

We we are now in the dog days of summer … And outside of the photography world I freakin love this time of year … While some are looking for respite from the long hot summer, I say bring it on hoping we have a full month over of over 35’s like we did when I was growing up and I lived in the foothills and the beach was a pipe dream at the end of a 2hr train and bus ride. The month of February when it has already been hot for months is when the real summer kicks in. Its hot, its dry and the smell of a BBQ plate at the end of the day is almost as good as the smell of rain on the tar roads after a heat wave. Its the simple things …

… But in the photography world its not so good, unless we get a storm. So one starts thinking about the coming change of season and what landscape photography opportunities may arise …

Well last year the opportunity was to hit the Victoria and chase some fall colors … Here a little stitched image taken I think back in May … While it must of peaked before I arrived in Victoria there was still a little color left …

So why has it taken so long to post this image, no idea its been completed now for around 6 months, just never got around to posting the final landscape print version …

Next series of landscapes to go up on the blog with be photographs from Hawaii, Victoria and Esperance …

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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8 Responses to Fall Colors

  1. Alex Filatov says:

    Beautiful colors indeed, wonderful FG detail on the leaves!

  2. Tony Middleton says:

    Very nice Neal. I concur – long live summer ! Although other seasons bring their own photo ops… living here i love summer the best.

  3. islandimages says:

    Beautiful colour for sure Neal. I think that tree on the LHS is a bit of a distraction though. A single Wide-angle frame accentuating the foreground leaves would look pretty cool too, á lá Dombrovskis!

  4. Christian says:

    classic fall shot. love it. I missed this one! bugger!

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