Sand Wind and Surf

Sand Wind and Surf A Tasmanian East Coast Beach

I guess we have all seen large boulders on the beach from time to time and watched wave after wave crash over them. Well on this particular beach there was this very large smooth shaped boulder that may of been there millions apon millions of years. While I was looking to clouds to see what direction I should be shooting incase the light changed, what I should of been looking at was this boulder and the waves that came washing over it, each wave taking just a little more away from the boulder.

I was kind of just staring at it for a few minutes watching as another wave would come across the face of the it and down over the sides and maybe a little over the back and then it dawned on me this actual wave pattern happening right now was in fact the creator for the actual shape of this boulder, not some winters raging storm or pounding waves, but this gentle wave that lapped over the boulder.

So I step up about as low as I could i started shooting images till I captured just the right one, that showed the wave just about to run down the face of the boulder where the least of the erosion was taking place …

Please check out the larger file but clicking the thumbnail ….

Next up for the blog I will have new landscape photography from Victoria, Yosemite National Park and Hawaii …

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12 Responses to Sand Wind and Surf

  1. Matt saul says:


  2. Luke Austin says:

    Another beautiful image

  3. philback says:

    gees mate you got some craken images here love all your latest pics bud

  4. stevensaul says:

    Yep awesome shot Neal! The gentle wave coming over makes it!

    • Thanks Steven … It was all about the boulder and wave, then I had to position it so I could balance it out a little with the tree line … I tried the opposite direction but found I lost a little of the wave and the coastline was too far in the distance so I went back to the left side of the boulder …

  5. True North Mark says:

    Yep that works very well Mr. Spool…nice one dude!

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