Weano Gorge After The Rains

After the rains and back from a brief visit to one of Western Australia’s most scenic landscape photography locations, Karijini National Park … After a very good wet season up north I was very much trying to get up there to see the area before it starts to dry out. As I was up there last year when conditions where drier because of a poor wet season, I knew I had to get up there this year as it could be another years wait and the chance of a poor wet season could delay it maybe even a year longer …

I remember standing in this pretty much exact location last year and then again this year and thinking wow this place has changed … What a difference a little better light and a lot of rain later makes …

My take on a familiar spot inside the National Park … Weano Gorge ….

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weano gorge

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6 Responses to Weano Gorge After The Rains

  1. Hi Neal, welcome back! I can just imagine how stunning the detail and clarity in this fine shot looks via the Zeiss lenses.

    One thing, the spinifex in front is almost fluorescent green. I have no doubt it was crazy green up there, but this green seems out of whack to me, draws my eye a bit too much I find. Just a small thing.

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