After The Harvest

Stirling Ranges After The Harvest

Early last week I had the opportunity to join 4 like mind photographers on a trip to the south of Western Australia … Joining Flemming Bo Jensen (flem, flembot, albert the list goes on and on), Christian Fletcher (Fletch, Fletcher) and Landscape Photographer of the Year Antony Spencer (Stone The Tone) we covered in record time around a dozen or so locations and shot the anything and everything that caught our eye, no matter how tired, hungry, early or late it was … One person saw something we stopped unpacked cameras shot the location and moved on, we worked fast and furious and left a dust trail in our wake … Thanks to Dan Paris for showing us your backyard and those Dunes … I freakin LOVED those Dunes …

Esperance really must be the jewel in Western Australia’s South, seeing Antony fall in love with the place and often stand there in total amazement of the locations was something and I am sure it made both Christian and myself very proud to be West Australians when we had 2 overseas visitors gob smacked with the stunning beaches we have right here in Western Australia … The colours of the water, sky and sand are something you don’t see in many parts of the world and maybe just a handful of other beaches around the world …. Those magnificent beach images will be coming in the weeks ahead along with many more images from Tasmania and Hawaii … Man I have shot some stunning locations in the passed 6 months … Now its time to get those images to you that read this blog …

First up is a simple stitched image of one of the first stops we made on our way down there. It was the power poles that caught our eye and I’m sure we will all have something very different as we all see things differently and me well I’m a sucker for wide views so for me you’ll get the wide angle view … Simply named “After The Harvest” it is a simple scene yet works for me through drama colour and space …

Thanks again the Christian Fletcher (man is was so funny watching you fold up a tent) … Stone The Tone Antony Spencer (you have set me on a new path) and Flemming Bo Jensen morning coffees and all 3 kindered spirits in the photography world … I had a blast shooting as hard as we did on minimal sleep at best, day after day …. 19hr days of pure shooting the South … Doesn’t get much better than that …. We Smashed it, it was ROARING!

Lots more landscapes of the South, Tasmania and Hawaii to come in early 2011 on the blog and on the main site Spool Photography

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18 Responses to After The Harvest

  1. Luke Austin says:

    Love the simplicity and expanse of this image. It

  2. Hi Neal, thanks again for coming along on this pedal to the
    medal full on incredibly fun trip! It really was an awesome
    photography trip. That is one nice and lovely wide view of our
    Powerpoles of the Corn stop! I really like it, nice take on this.
    It seems to have a few stitch errors in the corn perhaps? Great
    colours and clouds. It was fun to be with such great like minded
    photographers and to see how we interpreted every scene, often
    quite differently. And oh man how funny was that tent folding show
    hahahaha πŸ˜€

  3. Julie Fox says:

    Hi Neal, That is a very powerful shot – love the storm
    clouds contrasting with the golden cornfields – but stitch
    errors??? Man, I need to get these glasses seen to – damned if I
    can see any faults – but then that’s the difference from an amateur
    and a professional, ha, ha. Keep up the great work:) You sure work
    hard for your rewards!

  4. Tony Middleton says:

    Nice one Neal – I’d imagine that the detail in the stubble
    would look great large !

  5. Christian says:

    Brilliant mate, love it to bits. Hope mine comes out like
    that. Was one of the best trips I have had for sure and it was good
    to see the imports lapping up our scenery.

    • Cheers Christian … Yeah it came out quite nice … I’m sure yours will just be killer … I’ll be watching closely to see your captures from the trip … We scored so much different light on the few days away that it was so easy to just keep shooting and shooting … Plus the positive energy was bouncing off each other was very very cool …

  6. matt saul says:

    Great simple shot Neal! really effective.
    Been meaning to let you know that when i scroll on your blog its really laggy, not sure if anyone else has the problem, but it only ever does it on yours, and ever since you changed to this new template.
    Look forward to seeing more shots from your many adventures!

  7. islandimages says:

    Nice one Neal,like the power poles as a focal point! (usually I hate them) Have to get down that way one day soon.

  8. timwratephotography says:

    Nice shot here mate – the power lines really add in a point
    of focus in the frame. The greys and burnt yellows work really well
    together.. Nice work

  9. Beautiful image Neal, had an amazing time with you guys.
    Its 4 degrees here in the U.K now and belting it down with rain:-(
    I love this image, would look great with the telegraph poles cloned
    out! πŸ™‚

    • Howdy Tone … Glad you had a blast and you like the image … The poles are staying πŸ˜‰ … Its hot hot hot here with no cool down in the pipeline either … We’ll shoot some fall colours soon I am sure ….

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