Blue Haven

Blue Haven Your Typical Esperance Beach

Carrying on from the captures recently taken in and round Esperance this next image is of a beach on the South Coast of Australia that would have to rank as one of the best in the world no question … On this particular morning there was not more than a handful of people on the beach that stretched for at least a couple of miles.

Nothing but cool clear water against sweaky clean of the whitest of white fine beach sand, blue skies and just a few clouds here and there to defuse the light just enough to make the sky and water just pop … Standing next to a UK and Danish photographer they could not believe what they where seeing, I remember Antony saying over and over again, “I cant believe how stunning this beach is” If your a West Australia you may know that already, if not or if you have forgotten here’s the reminder for you, and if your not from Western Australia, heres the beach you wish you had 🙂

Click the thumbnail for the 1200px sample image …


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16 Responses to Blue Haven

  1. True North Mark says:

    Beautiful image Spool man! Very crisp and clean…well

  2. Very, very nice. Love the crystal clear water!

  3. Ryan Epstein says:

    Awesome mate! Lovely colours

  4. thomasparkes says:

    Looks like paradise, nice and crisp.

  5. That was one gorgeous morning, captured very well in this image. It really was an incredibly beautiful place although for me it’s the water that makes it beautiful not so much the sand as the beach has a million footprints and tyre tracks.

    It was so funny when we looked stunned at each other and said “this is so so gorgeous, why is no one else here?”. Looking at the time, it was 8.30pm or something, having been up since 4am it felt like noon!

    It works so well with the swimmer although she is almost leaving the frame, I might be tempted to move her a bit to the left 🙂

    • it sure id feel like noon … But if you visit any beach here in perth at 8am it will have hordes of folks getting out there … I don’t have the skills to move her … You will have to show me this … If I did it I know I’d screw it up …

  6. Andrew Brown says:

    Beautiful image Neal, so lucky in this country to have these places almost all to yourself.

  7. yeah stunning photo Neal. I love driving over the hill and down to the parking bay for this beach. takes my breath away every time!

    for me my personal favorite beach is Hellfire Bay over in LeGrand. there and Little Beach near Albany. but in saying that, every other beach along the South Coast is a pretty close second haha 🙂

  8. christian says:

    Neal, Blue water Blue sky = $ you have the formula, now use it for good not evil!

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