Dawn Over Lake Tahoe

Taken almost a couple of years back this dawn shoot was taken just down the road from where we stayed in Tahoe. Being surrounded by the High Sierras on all sides Lake Tahoe seems to have the longest dawn and sunset times I have ever shot in, not to mention some insane vistas.

Single shot without a home, until now … Maybe 


Last time Single shot 5d 17-40mm f/22

Next time 5d Mrk II 50mm 8 image stitch 🙂

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19 Responses to Dawn Over Lake Tahoe

  1. Nice shot, Neal. To be super picky, I’d say clone out that bit of land on the very bottom left corner :p

  2. kirkhille says:

    another stunner mate you must have a heap of these type of shots sitting around doing nothing

  3. Thanks Kirk … Yep there’s a few lying around the place …. and lots more coming after the next trip I bet as well.

  4. Clint Baker says:

    wow mate…. why havnt we seen this before now !!!!!!!. this is one of the best shots i have seen in awhile, i think i really need to get to lake Tahoe!!!!!!

  5. Thanks Clint … It never ended up in the Limited Edition Pool mainly because of the size issue. If I don’t think the quality is the very best compared to a certain Pro or 2 at those larger sizes I don’t offer it. While I like the image myself it will never make the limited edition pool.

    That being said it will make my smaller size “Open Edition Pool” one day very soon. I have held back a number of images for this “Open Edition” section.

    Hope that clears that up …

    If you get to Tahoe TAKE ME! …. Its still another year or so before I will be back there and next time I am taking the REALLY scary hike down to the premo hidden spot.

  6. Clint Baker says:

    well u can be my tour guide then ey!!!…. hoping to get some shots like this when me and bree are overseas and that would be great!!!

  7. That idea has crossed my mind with regards to a tour guide.

  8. Clint Baker says:

    well then that would be great!! ill have to let u know wen we go there haha

  9. Luke Austin says:

    Really like the subtle tones in this one. Also the curved tree adds interest. I may end up getting to lake Tahoe but am unsure yet.

  10. Leon says:

    Wonderful, peaceful image! Great job.

  11. love it.

    this must be one amazing lake.
    you have got heaps of stunners from it.

  12. Thanks Luke – You ill enjoy the visit if you make it there

    Thanks Leon – Jealous you live just a couple of hours from this gorgeous location.

    Thanks Stephen – I have a few 😉

  13. Really nice Peacefull scene here Neal, nice work!!

  14. Dylan Fox says:

    Great peaceful shot again mate!

  15. Tony Middleton says:

    lovely image Neal – nice soft hues and a simplistic composition nicely complimented by the 2 trees.

  16. That is really awesome Neal, nice tranquility (oh the serenity!)

  17. Thanks Will

    Thanks Dylan

    Thanks Tony

    Thanks Flem

    More images coming soon gentlemen. currently shooting 10 days down South region. Stunning light tonight at Twilight Bay look forward to processing the 1800 images I have taken so far …. 3 more days to go …

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