California Aspens

When the color version is junk what do you do … Mess around with light and shadows in Black & White. Getting a serious liking to Black & White photography of late since a few of my Yosemite National Park ones turned out so well. Been checking out a few photographers that do quite a lot of black & white and trying to learn a little more about the niche … Here is a simple edit of a color version of some California Aspens that really had past their prime for those stunning yellows, instead they where a slight burnt orange and looked very dry … But can not see all that in Black & White … 

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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9 Responses to California Aspens

  1. Very cool – almost abstract. I like the square crop.

  2. Joe says:

    The smooth transition in lighting is fantastic…excellent work (as usual)!

  3. Dylan Fox says:

    Another ripper mate! very strong composition

  4. kirkhille says:

    Very nice Neal , Love the light painting

  5. danproud says:

    dark – different – nice!

  6. Hey Neal

    great shot love how the trunks really pop…


  7. simple but effective…nice as a square too.

  8. stakky says:

    Neal, awesome shot, very effective

  9. Cheers Beau – Something a little different after trying to work the color image for a hour or so with no results

    Thanks Joe …

    Cheers Dylan …

    Thanks Kirk … Little bit of screen curves

    Thanks Dan .. Different yep, being drawn to the dark side 🙂

    Thanks Darren …

    Thanks Sandy …

    Cheers Stakman …

    Thanks to all those that stopped by and made a comment, nice to know the work is getting checked out from time to time …

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