Ocean Beach Sunrise MrkII

Ok what looks better looking West in this image or looking East in the previous image? I’ve looked at these images so much the last 2 days I am freakin lost.




About Neal Pritchard

TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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8 Responses to Ocean Beach Sunrise MrkII

  1. dylanfox says:

    I can’t help ya much.
    Just use both of them!
    There both veryyyy nice images

  2. kirkhille says:

    There both great shots
    I personally like this shot better

  3. dylanfox says:

    I tell ya what, these would both look great on canvas!

  4. I have had a few images done on canvas at 60 inches and for me I am not a huge fan of canvas prints, I think I will get both of these printed next week on metallic fujiflex paper.

  5. Hi Matt we must of beEn writing on each others blogs at the same time, I just posted on your blog in response to your 360 review, those images are shocking on kevin’s site

  6. Rich says:

    theyre both good neil although i think i prefer this one … love the waves which I’m still struggling with when stitching. Hopefully it will get easier when my nd’s arrive and i can slow my shutter speed right down. what were the settings for this image? any tips in photoshop to get your waves like that would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Rich yeah I am starting to prefer this one as well. When your ND’s arrive that will help you out a lot. Rich remember what Christian show us with that image Jamie won on the night I kinda followed the same thing on the water as he did the sky.

    As for settings thats a hard one, this image is if I remember correct a 4 or 5 image stitch. My procedure for this image was to shoot as close as possible to the same exposure for each image and then go back and do a stop down and stop up so when I got home I had plenty of variations to choose from and I could match the closest 4 or 5. I did not do any digital blending of different exposures, just took enough to be able to match up the best ones. The exposures where anywhere from 25 seconds through to around 35-45 seconds. Thats one reason the surf came out smooth.

  8. Rich says:

    Thanks Neil – much appreciated! I think this is where I’ve been going wrong. I’ve just been setting the exposure for the centre of an image and working out. Cant wait for the filters! I’ve also ordered a manfrotto levelling base so that should straighten my horizons! Tripods and sand are a right bugger!

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