El Capitan

Well time to post something new as it has been around a week since I have been able to find some time to do so.

This is a 3 image stitch taken on a clearing morning, when I first set up the clouds covered the top of El Capitan with pretty much no direct sun on the granite, being patient and just enjoying my surroundings I was rewarded after a short time with just a whisper of sunlight hitting the top of El Capitan, it was then time to click off a ton of exposures 😉

Moments before I took these images a deer crossed the river looking for greener pastures, was such a delight to see a wild animal just going about its morning chores.

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TImeless landscape photography prints by Neal Pritchard
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9 Responses to El Capitan

  1. JOSHUA WANJI says:

    Wow! That is indeed a beautiful picture! I’ll save it down as my screen saver…

    have a great day!!


  2. Dylan Fox says:

    Nice shot mate!
    The deer in the mountains dont seem to worry about the people around… must be used to us or something.

  3. Man this is so nice!
    Love the detail in the grasses and water.
    The patchy light over the granite is perfect, i think it gives more impact then solid direct light, or no direct light at all. Well worth the wait!

  4. jAMES says:

    Lovely foreground and background focus. When I first saw it, I just saw the image stopped at that central mound of grass and thought it also looked great there and then I thought a crop above the ground could also make a nice b&W.

    So many choice from a nice image.

  5. Gorgeous work here!! Love the patchy light on El Capitan, creates drama. If you wished you could do a cropped version as well with less foreground. I also reckon the gradient at the top is a bit heavy on the clouds.
    But overall it’s a stunner mate!!

  6. kirkhille says:

    Stunning shot mate , love this one the foregrounds great .
    Making me jealous with all this great landscape shots

  7. Luke Austin says:

    Another amazing shot mate. I’ve got to see this place someday.

  8. Absolutely stunning.

  9. thomasparkes says:

    Well done mate.

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