Lake Tahoe Blues Northern California Greens

Well today I left lake Tahoe for the 3rd time in 3 years and it does not get any easier each time. So much to see and do and that the more I shot around the lake the more I find I could be shooting. I found a few new location to shoot another time on my way out to Truckie and Elizabeth Carmels Gallery. They have already been plotted on my future maps with little blur google pins.

Ran into a bit of a snow storm on the way through the mountains, hairy driving and watching a big rig jack knife right in front of you going down hill on icy roads at 20 miles an hr is NOT FUN … My first thoughts where, well here we go, this ain’t going to be fun …. He corrected and I stayed even further back from them on down …

Made it up to Northern California, just shy of the Oregon border at 3.30pm. No accom booked and was meeting one of my favorite photographers in 1hr. I still had another 50 miles to drive up the road … I was running so behind thanks to the snow storm.

First motel I saw, I checked in, literally threw my bag in the room and bailed. Straight up I5 no real idea of this location just some notes. Turned off an exit 50 miles further up the road and its 4.40 … I’m lost, took the wrong exit. Pulled into a burger stand (damn they smelt good) asked the very polite lady where is blah blah … she invited me in and proceeded to draw a map. Lady thats great and all, but shit I have less than 5 mins to be there. Back in the car I belt it up the street and find the location (sharp right I was told, more like a swtichback 180) anyway I arrive and meet Brian Rueb (very cool photographer and story teller, check his writings and images at Brian Rueb and his flickR page) I’ve been reading his stories for years and they just make me laugh and smile.

After our quick greet and meet we started the hike to the location … Shit I could of shot from the car boot, as I stepped out the drivers door there was opportunities right there … But we had to get this hike done 1.5 miles. As I am walking along I am thinking thats a photo op, there’s another one, another and another and so on and on.

We get to the end of the hike, I look down through the golden maple trees and I’m like FUCK ME!

Check the second vid, you’ll see why ๐Ÿ™‚

Going back in the morning as all I shot this evening as 50 and 35mm stuff … tomorrow is 70-200mm stuff … OH YEAH its going to be so cool.

First vid and little pan of the location shoot one evening in Tahoe …

Second vid is a little pano of this evening …. Such a cool place, looking forward to going back in the morning for a few hours … Then onto a curtin falls a bit further up the road.

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14 Responses to Lake Tahoe Blues Northern California Greens

  1. sounds like your having good times! exciting stuff, Brian is a very good photog check out his flickr every so often, scenery looks awesome in your vids not like he have in Perth haha could use some David Attenborough Commentary Though ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. wow man I hope you’re working on the pano from the second vid as soon as you get home!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. kirkhille says:

    Locations look Stunning Neal ,
    Running out of hard drive space yet ?

  4. Luke Austin says:

    Mossbrae looks like an incredible place. I`m sure we are going to see some absolute pearlers coming from there.

  5. Thanks William … took another vid today with some very dodgy commentary for you … Will be loading it up at the next stop … Brian is a really nice guy and very much like his writings. He is off to Yosemite with Stephen today to give classes. Would love to attend one of those, maybe next time …

    Thanks Stephen … I should have a large 75 inch print of these waterfalls for the 25th …

    Thanks Kirk … Had to buy another external yep ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Luke … It sure is … I really hope so. Never really know till the post production …

    Thanks to all for visiting and commenting. Trip has gone well so far have hit every location I had planned so far. Off to Napa today for a couple of google pinned locations … My hours and hours of research has really helped in hitting all the locations on time. I planned this trip out to the day with only 1 day as a fall back safety buffer, which was used at Yosemite.

    I could spend a whole lot more time up this way though. There is so much more to shoot than I was aware of.

  6. truenorthmark says:

    Cool story mate!!

    I reckon you are going to earn your Pizza by the time you get back!

    WHo said photography was a ‘soft’ pastime eh! I find you get yourself into all sorts of interesting situations chasing that elusive best image!

    Stay safe and have fun!



  7. Matt Lauder says:

    Wow Neil that garden of eden looks amazing… now just get a shot of Eve for us all.

  8. Sean Stak says:

    HOly S*** look at that place, man id give anything for 5 minutes there!!

  9. Cheers Mark – Lots of hiking down on this trip. Usually I gain weight when I am in the US. I think this time I have lost weight.

    Cheers Matt – I hope i did i never know till post production …

    Cheers Sean – 5 mins and you’d rattle off a dozen shots and still find new pov’s. It is an amazing place …

  10. truenorthmark says:

    Just had a look at your vids MAte,

    For sure I can see some great panos coming out of all of those areas. I bet you were truly salivating over the waterfall area!

    See you next week Neal,



  11. Leon says:

    Nice you got Brian and his kid in that video shot, man. lol. Heard it was pretty good there, glad you made it.

  12. Mark – I sure hope so, I never really know till post production …

    Leon – It was senfreakinsational … Blew my mind … Was a blast shooting with Brian and his kids. I could almost see what he was going to write about his image that evening for flickR and I was pretty spot on after viewing his image …

  13. Dude, F.U. for real! This place IS incredible! Can’t wait for Brian taking me down there next summer. A 1.5 mile hike, you say? Man, better start working out a little… lol

    Great videos and almost a Chaybert’esque write-up, mate! Very nice!


  14. Great videos. That must have been an amazing experience.

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